Lizzy Hawker – An Inspiration and a Half!

Wow!  Today Class 3 and Class 1 met an amazing lady called Lizzy Hawker.

Lizzy very kindly agreed to visit school to tell us all about her latest adventure, where she ran across the whole of Nepal!  It is not often that in order to illustrate where you have run, you need to show a picture from space – but Lizzy did!  Even the paper map was immense, let alone the feat itself.

It took Lizzy 42 days to complete and she carried everything she required in her rucksack.  As she started off in the Monsoon season, her feet suffered quite badly and her trainers literally gave up on her.  She had a new pair waiting for her along the trip, which she had to slice up in order to get her feet in as they had swelled up so much.  You wouldn’t believe the change in colour between the two pairs either – yuck!

It was heartwarming to hear of all the local hospitality that Lizzy was offered and quite mind blowing to imagine the sheer strength of character that got her up and out of these warm, cosy homes to begin running again every morning.

Lizzy’s only lifeline was her Satellite phone and the knowledge that if she hadn’t checked in with home for a couple of nights then an alarm would be raised.  Lizzy was very clear that it was down to her to keep herself safe and get out of any difficulties she may encounter.  She really needed to know her own strengths and limitations and have survival skills too.

Lizzy recounted a story where she had tried to do this route before but had had an accident where she lost her satellite phone, visas, maps etc, in fact everything she required to find her way along.  She had to climb to the top of a very steep mountain and look at where the river flowed in the base of the valley, then try to get down the side of the mountain to reach the river she had seen from above.  She knew that she could follow the river and that would get her to a settlement and hopefully safety.  Scary stuff as there were no tracks down the mountain to follow and she could have become incredibly lost.

I really don’t know how she managed for 42 days to complete such an isolated journey – but she did.  What an amazing journey and an amazing lady.  It was incredible to meet Lizzy and I hope we shall see her again in the future.

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