Water Marvelous Afternoon!

What an amazing afternoon!  18 intrepid swimmers took to the Matlock Arc waters to try to push themselves to complete various amounts of lengths, to raise money for The Thomas Theyer Foundation.  The targets ranged from 2 lengths completed to 100 lengths.  Our ages ranged from reception up to Year 6.  As the mood rose to one of great anticipation and excitement, we approached the pool armed with clipboards and goggles to go for it!

Oh my word!  I honestly cannot describe what a jaw dropping exhibition of determination we have witnessed this afternoon.  Every single child swam their hearts out for a good 90 minutes and collectively swam 900 lengths which is 14 miles and 100 yards in total (I think!).  Check out the fantastic totals:

Lucy 64 lengths

Katie 34 lengths

Bryn 90 lengths

Jacob 28 lengths

Theo 64 lengths

Wilf 67 lengths

Maddy 100 lengths

William 36 lengths

Alana 57 lengths

Alice 26 lengths

Jesse 32 lengths

Heidi 64 lengths

Max 64 lengths

Daisy 46 lengths

Tilly 26 lengths

Sidney 24 lengths

Phoebe 32 lengths

Tilly P 64 lengths

Excellent swimming skills!  I can’t wait to see how much you have all raised.  The staff at The Arc also chipped in towards the afternoon and donated a massive £104 too!  Thank you so much for all your help, support and generosity in helping to make this superb afternoon possible for us.  The Arc Rocks!

UPDATE:  Due to illness Dylan couldn’t join us on Friday afternoon, but over the weekend he had a mere 20 minutes spare before his swimming lesson and managed to complete a huge 14 lengths in that time!!! Fabulous stuff Dylan, thank you!



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