Shiver me timbers!

Ahoy ye land lubbers……

I am so glad that Catering Services decided to honour “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” today in addition to their more regular and conventional themed days. On top of a superb menu of ‘Me’ Hearty Hotdogs, Captain Jack’s Potato Wedges, Pieces of 8 Sweetcorn, Blackbeard’s Baked Beans and Jolly Roger Waffles and Berries we were abound with pirates big and small with an amazing effort in dressing up in all things piratey and sea-worthy.

From taking the register in pirate voice (Aye Cap’n!) to hearing a myriad of pirate-themed jokes, it has been a really enjoyable day all round, one I hope is repeated next year!

Before we set sail this morning, Captain Hill (a truly fearsome buccaneer) provided me with hippy pirate attire that I admit I have grown rather attached to, and I may follow some of my class’ advice that I should wear it every day….pirate school sounds ace!


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  1. A pirate goes to the doctors and says:
    “Aargh Doc, I feels like a coconut”
    And the doctors says
    “Well yer bounty!”

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