Cracking Cyclists!

What an amazing morning we have had in school today.  We had the great pleasure of meeting two incredible ladies who get paid to cycle for a living!  They are Lee Craigie and Emily Chappell.

Lee is a former Commonwealth Games, World and European Championships athlete, as well as adventure cyclist and Cycletherapy founder. Emily is a former cycle courier turned author who has crossed the world on two wheels in a series of inspiring expedition.  The pair are just two members of The Adventure Syndicate, a collective of women adventurers who aim to challenge perceptions of their abilities.

In their talk today, both ladies discussed their bikes and how they functioned; what was different about the road bike to the mountain bike and what was similar.  They went on to share what they carry in their bags on the bikes and the children all had fun blowing up the sleeping mat and preparing the sleeping bag, whilst one lucky adventurer got to snuggle down and have a snooze!  Their gadgets and how lightweight they were were innovative and intriguing.

Lee and Emily were amazed at the knowledge and experience of the children (especially sleeping under the stars) and there wasn’t a single question that the children couldn’t answer or have a good guess at!  I was very proud of our lovelies today.

Lee and Emily stayed with us for lunch and chatted with some of the children about their sporting endeavours as well.  What a cracking morning, I hope Lee and Emily enjoyed their visit to us as much as we enjoyed having them here.  To find out more have a look at; and

Thank you to Ryan and Sidney for being our official photographers today 🙂

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