Thomas Theyer Grand Total

It has been a long time in coming, but today we managed to share our GRAND (amazingly fabulous) total with Chris Theyer (Thomas’ mummy).  How this amount has been kept secret for soooo long I don’t know, I have been bursting with pride for the whole school and their efforts and desperate to write this post to share how amazing the school, and whole village community, have been!

Are you ready for this?!  The final Grand Total for Thomas, raised by Grindleford Primary School and friends against a challenge of raising £1000 is……

How immense is that?!  We managed to reduce Chris to tears as the shock of the money total was announced and she realised how much the children had risen to The Thomas Theyer Challenge and totally smashed it!

A lady called Anna also came along from the Derbyshire Times, so I hope we will be featured in the papers as well.  I want to shout from the roof tops how fabulous your children are and how hard they worked in aid of helping other people less fortunate than themselves.

Chris gave out some lovely wrist bands as a small thank you gift to all the children, which was a lovely gesture and the children were made up.

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