Great Expectations, Amazing Results

What an amazing last day of term thanks to Chatsworth House.

We are so grateful to them for inviting us all to see the Christmas decorations, and the children were treated to a fabulous range of Dickens-themed creations that wowed us in every room.

It was fun looking out for Bullseye too as he was hiding in all sorts of places and was a tricky fellow to spot.

The house staff were wonderful with the children from the moment we turned up, and there were Dickensian characters throughout the tour.  The children’s favourite was Fagan as he taught them to pickpocket!  Miss Havisham was cheered up with a couple of Seasonal renditions: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had her slightly more cheery than when we first saw her, and members of the public really enjoyed it and they gave us a round of applause 🙂  The less said about Jingle Bells the better though – I am not sure Miss Havisham knows who Batman is……

Every room was different with so many things to look at and talk about, everyone has different favourite parts too.  Take a look at some of our seasonal adventure in the gallery below.

Once again – a huge thank you to all at Chatsworth House who made this happen.  You have made us all incredibly festive and full of Christmas wonder.

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  1. These are such lovely photos!

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