New Change 4 Life Champions

Following on from the extremely successful programme run throughout last year by the ‘Champions’ in Year 6, this afternoon some of our Year 5 children went along to this year’s RDSSP training event.

Once again the training was fantastic and the children came out fully enthused and ready to go. They will spend the rest of this half term shadowing the Year 6’s to see what they learnt in action and then be ready to run the clubs themselves after February half term.

Change 4 Life is an initiative to help tackle inactivity and obesity across the nation.  Its remit is to get inactive people to be active again and lead a healthier life through a mixture of healthy food choices and exercise.  With this is mind we learnt some shocking statistics:

Did you know that 91% of 0-4 year olds nationally are NOT getting 60 minutes of activity a every day?

Did you know that nationally 1 in 5 children leave RECEPTION classed as being overweight or obese?

Did you know that nationally 1 in 3 children leave Year 6 classed as being overweight or obese?

Did you know 1 in 10 children aged 2 – 15 years old are classed as overweight or obese?

As a school, parents and the village as a whole, I am glad to say that our children are offered a lot of extra physical activity opportunities.  As a school we DO offer the 30 minutes of physical activity the Government have tasked us with delivering per day (the other 30 minutes should be being provided by home).  In fact we offer an awful lot more per day and with all the exciting activity that happens within families and the village as a whole our children are getting far more than their ‘daily amount’.

Just in case you are thinking that your children may not get 60 minutes of activity on Saturday or Sunday(as I definitely am – ooops) or you just want some fun ideas to get the family as a whole moving a bit more or fancy some new recipes to try out, check out



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