Chinese New Year

What a fabulous day so far!  We started the day with a special Chinese New Year Assembly, where we learnt about the origins of the Chinese zodiac and also what traditions people follow before, during and after the festival.  Our assembly pictures were very kindly taken by Ryan.  We started by acting out the traditional story of the thirteen animals in the race to get across the river….we did feel sorry for poor Cat.  Then we looked at fortune cookies, lucky money, lanterns and the tradition of putting your wishes into an orange and throwing them into a tree!  Reception then danced within ‘Dragony’ and visited every classroom, which was superb fun!

At lunch, not only did we have sweet and sour quorn dippers with rice, but we also had chopsticks to try eating with and fortune cookies to go with our pudding.  The art of using chopsticks is a delicate one and therefore stabbing became an easier way to get our food in!  The dining room was decorated with lanterns from Art Club last night as well as some lanterns that Wendy of Little Dragons (Tai Chi) had given us.  The little lanterns in the big tree outside are my favorite.

More blogs to come on the Class sites….these pics are just a taster.

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  1. What incredibly lucky children to have such fun days!

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