Lucky for some

As part of our day-long celebration of Chinese New Year, we had a Grindleford version of the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees tradition (you can read about it here if you can get over the crazy, but wonderful, background of the site).

Each member of the school wrote a secret wish and put in inside an orange – this is seen as a lucky fruit as the Chinese word for Mandarin sounds similar to the word for gold, so having Mandarin Oranges around the house is meant to bring riches.

They then took turns in throwing them into a tree in the trim trail, and if the orange got caught in the branches then the wish could come true!  There were some happy throwers, so if you are a parent of one of these lucky chuckers, you might need to check what their wish* was:

(* the management takes no responsibility for the cost of said wishes)

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