Bee Awesome this Summer

There was a real buzz at assembly time this morning, as the theme was bees.

L and A from Class 2 started off by giving us a wonderfully detailed presentation on the plight of bee species, and what are the main problems they face as their numbers are dwindling.


Diane from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust then told us some things we can do in other to help these essential pollinators.


She also provided every child in school with an amazing bee-themed kit of activities, games and scientific things to do.  It also included a packet of seeds that will produce some very nectar-rich flowers.


Mrs Hill then presented us with the grand total number of knitted bees that many extended members of the school family have been busy producing over the last few months – a HUGE thank you to everyone who has produced one of these little wonders.   You have been super worker bees.

The total donated to the Wildlife Trust to sell was…….


We hope you can help bees in mind this summer when you are out in the garden and do something to help them out….I know that Reception have already started making some gorgeous creations for their bit.

If you see a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust shop in the coming weeks, pop in and see what else you can discover.

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