Fantastic Fun Science Assembly

We were joined this morning by Magnetic Milla who presented an amazingly disgusting assembly on the digestive system.  It was incredibly interesting and clearly explained the process of how our bodies work…..from beginning to the very gruesome end!

Milla started by putting some beans and biscuits into a ‘mouth’, which were then squashed and broken down by the ‘teeth’, ‘saliva’ and ‘enzymes’.  This mixture then travelled into the muscular bag of the ‘stomach’ and was squished and squashed further (the unknown hole in the bag was quite funny at this point!).  The ‘stomach’ contents then travelled into the ‘small intestine’ where the ‘villi’ tickled the contents to take out the nutrients and minerals.  The contents then travelled further into the ‘large intestines’ where they were squished and squashed to release the water and electrolytes that our bodies still need.  Finally the waste product was excreted through the ‘rectum’ and the ‘anus’.  We are very happy to report that it was a perfect soft sausage shape when it landed!

Can you spot each stage in the pictures below?

Magnetic Milla came from ‘Fun Science Sheffield’ who offer lots of different science activities including science parties for different age groups.  If you are interested, check them out on facebook@FunScienceSheffield or Twitter@MagneticMilla.  They are well worth a look!

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