Football Report

Last Wednesday, our wonderful team participated in a Hope Valley Football game . We did exceptionally well and finished 4th out of the 7 teams that played.

Wilf, a Grindleford student, who took part in the tournament said, “It was quite tiring, but overall it was so much fun. I think we did so good.”

 Alana, who played defender, thoroughly enjoyed  the match and was very proud when she was awarded with ‘player of the match’. 

The tournament took place on the Hope Valley College playing fields. There were many participants (seven players on a team). Tashi said, “I was the striker and scored 5 goals in total, we did really well.” Our fabulous  goalkeeper Leif said “All off the teams played really well, so 4th was amazing to get. l also saved loads of goals.” 
The other students that played in the team were really happy with the end turn out too. Over all the football was amazing and everyone had a good time and we are all proud of our football team.

About Grindleford School Captains

We are the School Captains for Grindleford Primary School - responsible for representing all the pupils, eco issues, sporting events and other important matters

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  1. Sarah Dadswell

    You all did brilliantly! Congratulations.

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