Tag Rugby Achievements

On Friday the 4th, our wonderful team of year 5 and 6, went to play on the Hope Valley College playing fields to take part in a tag rugby game and came back with phenomenal results. They did exceptionally well and came third, with one of the wins coming against the eventual winners. We are very proud of the work and effort of the eight students that signed themselves up for tournament.

Our extremely talented sports player, who thoroughly enjoyed the match, was very proud when she was awarded with ‘player of the tournament’

Another player also got ‘Fair Play‘ award in the tournament; they were the only people to get the awards out of the whole competition.

The weather was really good, but the ground was all muddy and slippery as every pupil learned.

The other students that played in the team were really happy with the end too. Overall, the rugby was amazing and everyone had a good time and we are all proud of our tag rugby team. 

Written By Lucy, Leif and Morrigan



We also thought that you may like to play our ‘Guess the Muddy Knee’ competition 🙂


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We are the School Captains for Grindleford Primary School - responsible for representing all the pupils, eco issues, sporting events and other important matters

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  1. Made me smile… muddy knees competition a great idea.

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