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Well, it seems this blog will taking on a slightly altered role for a while.

As part of the situation we find ourselves in, this may well play an important part in communicating to you about things related to home learning.  So to kick us off, here are some of the things that have been sent out via email over the last few days, and some additional pointers.

Learning Books


We have been asked a lot about workbooks recently, and there is indeed a wealth of choices out there, many of which we have encountered over the years.  Some of the best we can say will do a good job are the offerings from Collins and Schofield & Sims.  The Collins range has been recently revised and offer subject and year group specific activities in various English and Maths topics.

They provide a super structure to the learning, giving you a path through the topics so you can support the children with the activities in an appropriate order.

522The Schofield and Sims offerings are great for little-and-often activities in key skills.  The maths, times tables and English skills ones are so well-structured and appeal to all levels of ability.  I love these and they are nicely priced too.

I expect there’ll be high demand for such resources, so if you are intending to get some of these then I would do it sooner rather than later.


Be Active

Regular exercise is so important being healthy, and home PE lessons can take on all sort of forms.  There are some web-based places to get some inspiration from or to follow.


YouTuber Joe Wicks is streaming live PE lessons online for kids every day at 9am next week. An option for anyone that wants to stick to a timetable and keep kids active that don’t do much sport already?




The BBC has developed Super Movers.

Annotation 2020-03-20 113327

We have used the times tables ones, but there’s loads of different ones and not all are based on maths! They are split into KS1/2 and then into subjects.

Online Subject Resources

twinkl_logo_cropped_300pxThe educational resource specialists Twinkl have provided a wealth of free resources for home learning.  Their provision has evolved so far in recent years, and have developed some very well-designed packs to introduce topics and develop knowledge and skills in all sort of areas.  Totally worth checking out.

BBC Bitesize Annotation 2020-03-20 114005has been around for years, and has been updated in the past few years to support more curriculum areas and topics.  Video-rich and of a very high quality, it is easy to navigate, use and of course free!




Annotation 2020-03-20 114242Derbyshire library service will allow you to use your library card to log on for free ebooks or audio books.




World e-Book are providing lots of free e-books on a range of topics.




Audible are a market leader in Audiobooks, and the Amazon-owned company are offering free audiobooks for children during the pandemic.

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