Jenga? What’s Jenga?

As we are currently playing in our different ‘bubble’ zones, we have been spending some money on more equipment to make them a little bit more exciting. In the top playground we have now purchased 4 lots of giant Jenga; a new large chess set; 2000 dominoes for domino rallying; an outdoor Twister set which all go alongside our giant snakes and ladder board and outdoor 4 in a row game.

As you can see Jenga is never used as Jenga, but as a product for design and engineering! Class 2 have made a boat being attacked by a shark complete with oars; a smaller row boat; a cargo ship for posh fast cars; a destruction derby; a bird carrier and a bed area! Can you tell which is which? Lots of fun was had with the boxes too, as not only could you walk in them, but they made a seat for you to sit on too! Hours of fun!

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