Due to the threat of invasion from the enemy, we very sadly hopped aboard the old charabanc this morning to travel to the metropolis of Stockport to be evacuated into families where we will hopefully be safer until the end of the war.

As part of our induction into the process of evacuation we were shown around the shelters where we may have to go when the bombs come. They are very cold but we were assured they will soon heat up when we are squished in with the other 6,499 people they can hold! Luckily there are toilets (which flush – can you believe that?!), a little kitchen to make hot drinks, beds if we are young enough and a medical area too. There is an area where babies can be fed and last night one was actually born in the shelters during a raid – how scary!

After familiarising ourselves with the shelters we then had some lessons where we learnt some skills which will make us a more appealing prospect for our new families to take on like washing, cleaning and darning our clothes plus having more lessons on looking after our gas masks and what t do when the different types of bombs fell.

Whilst we are very sad at having to be evacuated, it does look like it may be quite good fun too!

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