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Chinese New Year Day

Today, we had a whole day dedicated to the Chinese New Year celebrations. Everyone came to school in red or a bright colour for luck for the year and we did lots of learning about this very special festival. Each class took part in different themed activities as well as a dragon making competition which will be judged tomorrow. They look fabulous. After lunch, every child launched an orange into the trees. They were filled with all of their wishes for the coming year, written on to a tiny scroll, and then carefully inserted into the middle. The belief is that if your orange manages to stay in the tree then your wish might just come true. We had twelve lucky wishmakers this time. At the end of the day, we shared out fortune cookies and chopsticks. Here are some action shots of the orange launching (it was so much fun):

Thank you so much to Ibbotsons of Chesterfield who kindly donated all of the oranges, and to Mrs Boulton for all that orange threading, it’s an enormous task, and very sticky.

Christmas at the Station

We were asked by The Friends of Grindleford Station to help in decorating the station platform for Christmas. As part of their Forest School sessions, Class Two created some lovely natural Christmas decorations. Just look at their gorgeous handiwork, a nice bit of colour has been added to Grindleford Station at this special time. It’s so great to be able to be part of community projects such as this.

A Trip on the Train

What a day out we all had! 

With the kind help of Kath Aspinwall, Chairperson of the Hope Valley Rail Users Group who arranged the travel passes for the whole school to experience a rail journey through the Totley Tunnel and the Hope Valley as part of the 125 year celebrations. Northern Rail provided free travel passes for the whole school, including staff, to enable us to have the experience of a journey by train at this very special time. We are extremely grateful to the people that helped us along the way with our local topic work, it’s been great throughout.

There were lots of excited young people, 67 of them, on the Grindleford Station platform bound for Sheffield at 10:43 this morning and the journey didn’t disappoint. We were met at Dore and Totley station by Chris Morgan, a volunteer from the station group who has already accompanied classes 2 and 3 on guided walks over the last week and to whom we are also very grateful. Today, he provided lots of interesting information for the children whilst we waited to catch the train for the next stage of our day trip. We learned facts about: the station; the train signals and the destinations and starting points of the trains. Whilst on the platform, we all waved madly at every passing train and were rewarded with the sound of their train horns and waves from the train drivers. How good was that! Here are some photographs from our terrific train trip:

Great Grindleford Bakers

Cooking Club yesterday produced some beautiful blueberry muffins. It’s great to see the children growing in confidence with their following of the recipes as the weeks go by. Hope they enjoyed their tasty cakes. Mrs Hill certainly enjoyed the one she managed to find in the staffroom.

Bread Bakers

Last week’s Cooking Club produced some excellent soda bread baking. The children worked efficiently with their measuring and kneading; to mix, make and bake within our time constraints. It’s great to see the children so enthusiastic each week, well done to all for this week’s results:


Didn’t they do well?

Last week we took 14 pupils along to the Fly DSA arena in Sheffield to take part in the Young Voices Concert involving a choir of some 5201 children from far and wide across the region. What an amazing experience we all had! The children were fabulous in their enthusiasm for both the preparatory rehearsals, starting at 2 o’clock, and the actual concert, that ended at 9 o’clock. There might even have been one or two sore throats the next day after all that effort. There was a conductor, David Lawrence, and we were treated to spectacular performances from Urban Strides and other artists including: Alfie Sheard, Natalie Williams and The M4gnets. We were buzzing throughout the whole day and hope all parents who came along to watch and support, enjoyed it as much as the children did. A huge well done to all for their effort. It was a super day all round.




Anyone for Seconds?

We were once again given the fabulous opportunity to visit The Maynard, a local Peak District boutique hotel, to make Christmas Puddings. Everyone, both pupils and staff alike, love taking part in what has been an annual event for several years now and we all really appreciate the generosity and kindness extended to our school. The event is sponsored by Holdsworth Foods in Tideswell who provide all of the ingredients free of charge and is supported, hosted and delivered by The Maynard staff including expert supervision from Head Chef Mark Vernon. They are all great with the children, giving drinks and christmas activities and provide us with a fantastic complimentary lunch as well – this year included a great lasagne, vegetables and garlic bread for the main; followed by an assortment of ice creams- really, really appreciated by all of us.

All pupils that attended got a chance to pour in and mix the ingredients, including making a wish as they stirred it all up, before the puddings were sent off into the kitchen for steaming. We look forward to taking delivery of the final Christmas Puddings in time for christmas.

Once again, our extremely grateful thanks go to The Maynard and Holdsworth Foods for making this event happen and giving us the chance to take part. Here are some photographs taken during the day:


Autumn Days

Yesterday lunchtime was one of those beautiful autumn days, warm and sunny, where the whole school basked and played. This term the play leaders, pupils in years 5 and 6, have been doing a great job in organising activities for all children to take part in and enjoy. It’s so fantastic to see them interacting as effective leaders including setting up equipment, role modelling, running games and motivating their players.  The garden is always popular come rain or shine and the children were clearly enjoying playing there too. Here are a few photographs:



A Helping Hand at the Station

“Now arriving at Platform One are some keen Gardeners from Grindleford Primary School.”

That’s exactly what the announcement might have sounded like, had there been one, on Friday morning when 8 pupils from school took part in a community gardening project (on the Platform) as part of the Friends of Grindleford Station. During the last few weeks, School Gardening Club members have sown, nurtured and grown flower seeds in preparation for us to donate to this exciting project. It means that when train passengers visit the station: either to catch or alight from a train or are just passing through Grindleford, they will be able to appreciate a glorious flower display, directly contributed to with the help of our school.

The children were extremely well behaved and got stuck in straight away with weeding, a skill they have learnt well and that any gardener knows is always a necessary job, before transplanting our donated flowers – Petunias, Antirrhinums and Cosmos. There was even time for a little train spotting with some very friendly passing passengers and train staff. Kay, Liz, Janet and John from the Station Project were on hand to help and keep us all safe too. The children took part in a mini quiz about the station and were awarded certificates for taking part, both of which had kindly been prepared by Kay on behalf of the Project.

It was a really enjoyable morning’s work and great to be involved in such a worthy activity in our village, we are extremely grateful to the Project for giving us the opportunity to get involved. If you’re passing that way in the next few weeks, see if you can spot our floral display on Platform 1.

Gardening Drop In Club

As the weather is beginning to improve, we decided to make the most of it on Friday lunchtime and get busy with our gardening club. It is always lovely to see so many enthusiastic volunteers from across the school to help out in the school garden. All help is greatly appreciated. On Friday, the children planted lots of seeds including carrots, cress, nasturtiums, cucumbers, courgettes, peas and more. We shall be keeping a close eye on all of the children’s hard work to check for the seeds germinating in readiness for the next stage of our planting. We’re hoping to start an after school gardening club after the Easter break.