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Young Voices

Last night we took our choir children to Sheffield Arena to be a part of one of the largest children’s  choirs in the world. We spent the afternoon rehearsing with around five thousand other children, and performed many songs to parents in the evening. We also had a good old dance, and watched the amazing Urban Strides perform! Young Voices is a fantastic experience for all involved and one that will never be forgotten! The children were superbly behaved and had such an amazing time, it has been hot topic round school this morning! If you keep an eye on the Young Voices website they are posting some video footage of some of the songs – so watch out for familiar faces! We hope you enjoyed being there as much as all of us did!

Harvest Assembly

We had a lovely harvest assembly on Thursday where Chris came in to talk to us about Jubilee Food Bank. He told us about how some families in Sheffield need our help. He has asked us to bring in items of food to give to these families.

Please could you bring:

tinned meals, tinned meat and fish, pasta and curry sauce, tinned veg, dried rice and noodles, packets of sauce, tinned fruit, baked beans, tinned soup, breakfast cereals, UHT milk, long life fruit juice, bread sticks, rice cakes, rice pudding, tinned sponge pudding, Angel Delight, jelly, custard, biscuits, snack bars, instant coffee, sugar, jam, honey, sandwich spreads, mixed herbs, stock cubes, vegetable oil and good tine openers! No pasta or teabags please.

There are two crates in each classroom to put these items into. Thank you very much!


Whole School Phonics

Today we have started our new whole school phonics strategy. Following detailed assessment and analysis of the children’s work, we have identified the correct level of teaching and support required to move each of them on with their spelling. As such, they have been placed in targeted groups (across classes) that will get together three times a week to participate in appropriate-levelled sessions.

The aim of this is to encourage the children to take ownership of their own learning and to improve their success with spelling. Although the children are in groups matched to their current standards of achievement, membership is fluid and children will be adjusted into neighbouring groups if and when appropriate. The main method for judging this will be through their spellings across the curriculum, not just in these phonic sessions and spelling tests.  Evidence needs to be coming across in everyday work to ensure we can see that they have taken the learning on board.

Your child may at times bring some work home or spellings to complete. This will vary in amount and times depending on which group they are in. We welcome your help in any home work to aid their progress.

Inspiring Aspirations

This afternoon we were very lucky to have Ben Heason come and talk to us about his lifetime goals and achievements. This was a fascinating talk about how Ben entered into the climbing world, and how his skills and goals have inspired him to push the limits of his sport.

Climbing has taken Ben all over the world, with his biggest achievement being Angel Falls in Venezuela – the highest waterfall in the world. It took him and his team twenty days to conquer the waterfall, and twenty hours to descend. This meant sleeping on the edge of the cliff, whilst transporting all their equipment and supplies.

This talk truly inspired the children to think about their own ambitions and aspirations for the future. A big thank you to Ben for sharing his amazing life with us.