Friday is Funday!

Friday is my funday! It’s the day when I find I’ve got time to go around the classes to say hi, probably much to the annoyance of the children although they graciously don’t show it!

I decided to have some fun and try and recreate a film for classes 2 and 3 to guess what I was trying to act out. Play along at home with the home learners if you like, or are as crazy as me.

This week I put on a big, thick coat and proceeded to pretend to shiver whilst saying “I’m sooooo cold…….I’m so very, very cold!!”

Class 2 got it straight away, top marks! Class 3………..well let’s just say they need to try harder next time!

Can you guess?

The answer will be in the next installment of the Kitchen Diary!

Lou x

“#rideforcharlie Day!”

4 years ago today, the son of one of our friends died in his sleep. He was the beloved son of the legendary cyclist Nick and Sarah Craig. He was just 15 years old. As a family, we have what we call #rideforcharlie days where we indulge and have a little fun in Charlie’s name and spirit. So today, I got special permission and decided to bring the fun to my beloved school.

My lunchtime chicks were treated to homemade waffles with ice cream, fruit and various naughty sauces. I’d like to think that they went down well! I managed to cater for 2 dietry requirements as I wish to try to include every dietry need as much as possible. Now….did somebody mention pancake day????

Louise x

Still Surviving

Well, we’ve made it through to the start of the third week of term. We’ve had a major lockdown, new risk assessments, guidance changing left, right and centre and to top it all off snow! We didn’t get as much snow as the surounding areas of Sheffield, but we did get enough to make a little snowman.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of our parents and carers for being so incredibly suportive during the past few weeks. We really appreciate all that you are doing at home: keeping your children with you to help keep school staff safe; working so hard on school work day in day out, as well as trying to juggle your own work; only sending your children into school in absolute emergencies……the list goes on! Thank you!

During this week, school will recieve lots of test kits for staff to start testing themselves at home. These kits check to see if we are COVID positive but without any symptoms. Staff will be testing themselves twice a week, from Monday 25th January. Hopefully, this will be another robust safety layer in place to get school open as soon as possible. I can’t wait to welcome everybody back into school again.

“It’s Official!!!!”

The lovely Mrs Ibbotson surprised me with such a lovely thoughtful gift. It’s now official…..I’m the Catering Supervisor at Grindleford Primary School. Mrs Ibbotson has been so kind to me since I started, our first meeting involved her having to apply a bandage to my hand and pack me off to The Cottage hospital in Buxton after I very stupidly cut my hand chopping an onion. The ice was well and truly smashed!!! Talk about making a first impression.


“The Rise of the Yorkshire’s!”

(Star Wars pun intended!)

Class 2 inadvertently had a maths and science lesson from me today!

The science of what happens when eggs, milk and flour mixed together come into contact with 200 degree hot oil…….

and maths… tall is my tallest Yorkshire pudding ??? What is the diameter??? We passed on the shape of them! I don’t think there are words for that in the Oxford English dictionary yet. It managed quite a respectable 6.3cm in height. Can I best that next time? Tune in to find out!!

Happy New Year to you all. Hopefully soon I’ll have all my dinner time chicks safely back in my nest all safe and sound. Take care and say “Hi” to all my hardworking home schoolers for me.



Massive congratulations to Mrs Cashman and Mrs Gascoyne for successfully crossing off six numbers on the Bingo Loto. Both were waiting for number 6, which was finally drawn as the bonus ball on Boxing Day – very, very, exciting! As there were two winners they share the prize pot equally and take home a superb £325.00.

Thank you so much to everyone in the school community and friends around the village for supporting this vital fundraiser for school.

Happy New Year!

What a very strange start to the New Year we have had. Once again we are on lockdown, but I am very pleased (and extremely proud) that all the staff and the classes are up and running with online learning, including online lessons being taught! School is very quiet and eerie with just a few of us here doing class based learning, but it is really good to ‘see’ everyone every day. Hopefully, we won’t be in this situation for too long.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

May I take this oportunity to thank each and every one of you for all your support and positivity during what has been an incredibly worrying and stressful year for the whole world. Your children have been amazing and a total credit to you.

On behalf of all the staff may I say a big thank you for all the gifts, thoughts and best wishes received not just this week, but all through the year. Let’s hope that 2021 brings us continued health and happiness and a light at the end of the bubble tunnel.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry 2020 Christmas!

A massive thank you to our fantastic cook Louise for delivering a veritable feast for us today. We’ve had crackers, presents and far too much to eat……..roll on our parties this afternoon!

Still no Bingo!

How exciting……we still don’t have a winner for the Christmas Bingo! This weeks numbers were 13, 38, 39, 49, 53 and 56 with the bonus ball 59.

The competition is really hotting up though as we have 3 people currently in the lead with 5 numbers each! Lots of people with 4 numbers marked off too……Who is going to win the massive prize pot???!!! Fingers crossed for next Saturday….