Congratulations to this Weeks Winners

Stars of the Week:

For good letter formation; going the extra mile with his multiplication practice and great focus in his maths and working hard to understand problems he finds challenging – Fantastic!

Writer of the Week:

For fantastic effort and creativity in his big write – Excellent!

Right Choice Winners:

For being leaftastic; fantastic teamwork and tidying up without being asked – Thank you!

Certificates from Home

Brownies – Charity Sleepover – Raising over £100 – Well Done!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Howden who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Howden will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.


Christmas at the Station

We were asked by The Friends of Grindleford Station to help in decorating the station platform for Christmas. As part of their Forest School sessions, Class Two created some lovely natural Christmas decorations. Just look at their gorgeous handiwork, a nice bit of colour has been added to Grindleford Station at this special time. It’s so great to be able to be part of community projects such as this.

A Smart Move?

An inevitable purchase as children get older seems to be a smartphone, and Christmas is a common time when they are bought.  As they move onto secondary education, staying in touch is an important consideration, but with this benefit there is the risk of potential pitfalls regarding personal safety and wellbeing.

There has been a fantastic guide published today by National Online Safety that I hope may of some use for anyone considering buying such a device for a young person that could start some great discussions.  Click on the image below for a PDF version.


What’s that coming over the hill?


Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers from the PTA who put on an amazing spooky walk – the woods looked spooky-tastic and the creepy dwellers in the trees were extra scary this year.

Spooky Walk 2019 (25)

The children had a mixture of excitement and trepidation as they strolled through the graveyard, past the spiders and into the witch’s lair to see what they could find.

Spooky Walk 2019 (21)

I think most of them made it back for hotdogs and dancing at the disco…….

Fortnite 2

Fortnite 2 seems to be making headline news these days – it is that popular I guess!  Even though it is aimed at children 12 and above, there are many in the country below this age who play, and there are risks to wellbeing and safety.

To help with this, we can recommend this terrific and useful guide for parents that covers the main questions they may have.

Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 14.29.57.png

Live Streaming – a short guide for parents


As part of our ongoing commitment to raising the profile of staying safe online, I thought I’d share this short guide with you.  Live Streaming is an ever-increasing part of life on the web for young people, either as viewers of such streams, or by sharing their own activities with a wide audience.  Although very prevalent in gaming circles, live streaming is covering an ever-increasing range of topics and interests.

As age-restrictions are not always enforced by sites, or even ignored by many young people and there parents, understanding potential risks is never a bad thing.  This guide from the awesome thinkuknow team is a great introduction to the subject.


Tag Rugby Achievements

On Friday the 4th, our wonderful team of year 5 and 6, went to play on the Hope Valley College playing fields to take part in a tag rugby game and came back with phenomenal results. They did exceptionally well and came third, with one of the wins coming against the eventual winners. We are very proud of the work and effort of the eight students that signed themselves up for tournament.

Our extremely talented sports player, who thoroughly enjoyed the match, was very proud when she was awarded with ‘player of the tournament’

Another player also got ‘Fair Play‘ award in the tournament; they were the only people to get the awards out of the whole competition.

The weather was really good, but the ground was all muddy and slippery as every pupil learned.

The other students that played in the team were really happy with the end too. Overall, the rugby was amazing and everyone had a good time and we are all proud of our tag rugby team. 

Written By Lucy, Leif and Morrigan



We also thought that you may like to play our ‘Guess the Muddy Knee’ competition 🙂


We’ve got the power

We had an assembly about batteries this morning, and am hoping that you can all help us make a difference.

It is recognised that batteries are incredibly useful things, but they are also contributing to issues involving landfill leachate and pollution. Some shock statistics gave us an idea of how just the UK is having an impact:

  • 600 million batteries are thrown away each year – 22,000 tonnes
  • Only 1/3 of the UK’s batteries are recycled
  • Heavy metals and acids leak out into the environment

The government has set a target of 45% of batteries to enter recycling programs, but we thought we could achieve 100% for our school. We are sending each family a battery collecting box that we hope you can fill with any spent batteries. Once full, it can be returned to school where we can total up how much we are preventing from entering landfill.

A lot of the children were very aware of the problem, and they also suggested buying rechargeable batteries to reduce the volume of waste and lengthen their time in use before they require recycling – a superb recommendation. I know a certain Swedish furniture store offers a very low-cost range, including chargers, that make it an affordable choice.

Thank you 🙂

Football Report

Last Wednesday, our wonderful team participated in a Hope Valley Football game . We did exceptionally well and finished 4th out of the 7 teams that played.

Wilf, a Grindleford student, who took part in the tournament said, “It was quite tiring, but overall it was so much fun. I think we did so good.”

 Alana, who played defender, thoroughly enjoyed  the match and was very proud when she was awarded with ‘player of the match’. 

The tournament took place on the Hope Valley College playing fields. There were many participants (seven players on a team). Tashi said, “I was the striker and scored 5 goals in total, we did really well.” Our fabulous  goalkeeper Leif said “All off the teams played really well, so 4th was amazing to get. l also saved loads of goals.” 
The other students that played in the team were really happy with the end turn out too. Over all the football was amazing and everyone had a good time and we are all proud of our football team.

Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:

For determination and focus when practising her PE skills; for focussing on improving her writing and for being aware of others around him and helping them without being asked to – Excellent!

Writer of the Week:

For using very well-chosen and adventurous vocabulary choices in her quest introduction – Brilliant!

Right Choice Winners:

For helping out in class – Thank you!

Certificates from Home

Running – Sheffield 10k – Well done!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Ladybower who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Ladybower will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.