Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:

For having a very hardworking week; being so positive and achieving well in her maths and for some very fabulous fraction work – Well Done!

Writer of the Week:

For a member of Class 3 – you know who you are – for trying really hard to improve her writing by using new learning techniques as soon as she is shown them! – Excellent!

Right Choice Winners:

For tidying up the welly box; helping to clear up after a baking session and for achieving her target – Fabulous!

Certificates from Home

Athletics – Well done!

Athletics – Including a Gold medal for coming first in their age Group – Brilliant!

Piano – Positive Prep Test – Well done!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Derwent who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Derwent will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.


Prime Rhyme Time

The whole school enjoyed National Poetry Day today (with integrated delayed World Book Day) and the place was alive with some terrific dressing up and flowing prose.


Class 1 took the opportunity of the Gruffalo’s anniversary and worked on some poems based on the tale.  Here are a few:

Class 2 took on the challenge of writing limericks – something I find very hard to do! They were fantastic, showing a superb handle of syllables and rhyming:

Class 3 explored the rather gruesome poetry in Macbeth – the witches’ “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” spell, and created their own evil potions:

There were some wonderful costumes on display, the school was alive with literary heroes old and new:


Plastic Free Red Nose Day

It’s red nose day!   As you know we have decided to go plastic free this year!  We all love dressing up for a good cause, but only 65p of every £1.25 plastic red nose makes it to Comic Relief projects, which doesn’t seem very fair.  Plus we have been watching some seriously scary films showing the amount of plastic that is in our oceans already and we do not want to add to it!  Check out our environmentally friendly noses which raised an amazing £51.15!

Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:

For making an amazing boat; really being engaged in his work and trying her best with all her work – Excellent!

Writer of the Week:

A member of Reception – You know who you are!

For some really good writing – Well Done!

Right Choice Winners:

For bringing in resources for a lesson; volunteering to tidy up and clean up Class 3 and helping other children – Fantastic!

Certificates from Home

Synchronised Ice-Skating – The Steel City Trophy – Gold

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Derwent who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Derwent will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.



Bienvenue à la Mâtisserie

There was a little bit of art appreciation to star art club this evening with a look at The Snail by Henri Matisse.  We talked about possibilities of creating our own collages in his style, and you can see what a terrific array of ideas we came up with:

They Flashed It!

We took a team of very determined climbers to the Greater Sheffield Primary School Bouldering Championship Final this morning at the Mini-Works – and what a morning it turned out to be!

Game faces on…….


We were expecting a similar set-up to the qualifying session, but saw straight away that there was a completely different set of challenges.  There were five other schools climbing at the same time, so it was a charged atmosphere too.  However, each team member did their best, pusing their minds and bodies to their limits with the constant aim of reaching that next hold.

The ‘doughnut’ looked the hardest to me, but the children loved that one.

The viewing parents and I were so pleased and proud when the results were read out.

In the individuals’ rankings we had a 2nd and a 1st!


In the biggie – the overall team winners – Grindleford took home the title!!!!!!!!!  😀


HUGE congratulations for effort, determination and teamwork to each and every one of you.  The gold medals were well-earned (and incredibly awesome!)


Congratulations to this week’s winners

Stars of the week


For trying really hard with their writing and showcasing amazing DJ Skills. Well done!

Writer of the week 


For his funny character description of a Tudor monarch named Bob, who liked sliding down rubbish shoots onto mattresses!

Right choice winners 


For helping out with mini-leaders and being courteous in the classroom.

House points winners


Well done to Ladybower – winners for a third week in a row!



A massive congratulations to the climbing team, who qualified for the finals with some very impressive climbs!



Well done to our fantastic gymnasts! A third place in the advanced vault in the gym competition…


And a Grade 9, 8 and 7 – Super!


Tuesday was Safer Internet Day 2019, and every class took part in activities aimed at raising the awareness of consent.


Class 1 talked about how to ask a trusted adult if they ever came across anything when playing on a tablet or computer that asked them a question they were unsure of, and how to ask permission before they go to certain sites and apps.  They created some wonderful posters in the session, here are a couple:

From the questionnaires that KS2 completed, it was evident that the overwhelming number of children enjoyed going online for a wide range of purposes from chilling with Netflix to playing games with friends.

We looked at the concept of personal information and how if it belongs to you, you should have the control to decide what happens to it.  Many didn’t realise that pictures are a form of personal information, and posting them online without permission can lead to problems.  It was well-understood that it is important and polite to ask for consent from people if we want to share pictures of them and respect their wishes.



We also looked at how companies and other organisations on the internet have to ask for your consent if they wish to use your personal information, and what they may use it for.

In all situations, we explored the important message that it is OK to say NO.  It is YOUR information, YOU own it, it is up to YOU what happens to it.

Some children made some pledges at the end of the day related to consent:

It was also pleasing to see from the questionnaire responses that many pupils ask for permission before they use technology at home, and if they want to get a new game or app.  Staying safe online and respecting others in the online world are becoming ever-important and it is reassuring to know that so many parents are sharing their children’s journeys and development in the digital age.

Indoor Athletics KS2

This is one of my favourite sporting events on the HVC cluster calendar each year, and this year lived up to expectations.

indoor athletics 2019-058

We take a small team and compete against other schools to see if we can qualify for the next round.  Although the relays are performed in front of everyone, the field events are done in a more relaxed style and it allows all the children to focus.  It was a superb effort from all, and we came away with some first places too – whoop whoop:

indoor athletics 2019-059  indoor athletics 2019-061

We would have held our heads higher if Mrs Cook hadn’t called for a teacher race!  I think Mr Hurford from Bradwell finished before I got to the first wall….. 🙂


Congratulations to the First Winners of the New Year!

Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties (and most probably user error!) we do not have any photographs this week – many apologies.  Hopefully, I will be able to add pics next week.

Stars of the Week:

Class 1 – Seb – for working really hard on his speech and language targets.

Class 2 – A very special certificate for a new member of class, for having a brilliant first week.

Class 3 – A special certificate for a member of class 3 for doing some fantastic collaboration work.

You all know who you are!  Well done everyone.

Writer of the Week:

Phoebe – For trying really hard to improve her presentation and handwriting – Fantastic!

Right Choice Winners:

Eva and Olivia – For tidying out the art cupboard – Thank you so much!

Taya – for sorting out the equipment in class – Thank you so much!

Certificates from Home

Alfie – Cycling – For cycling right up to the top of Mont Ventoux in France, without pushing his bike!  Awesome!

Poppy – Titanic – For answering lots of questions and spotting clues around the Titanic Museum in Belfast – Well done!

Aily – Swimming – For achieving her 25m Award – Excellent skills!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Howden who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Howden will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.