Tremendous Talents!

We’ve had a very interesting week showcasing our general and specific talents and generosity.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Chris Theyer (Thomas’ mummy) and her friend called Jamie Agnew.  Jamie is making some short films all about The Thomas Theyer Foundation, the Challenge and what they hope to achieve in the future.  The ‘Sports Crew’ had organised a hockey tournament (from scratch, without any adult help) which was filmed, alongside the School Council being interviewed and other fundraising individuals.  It was all very exciting!  We should get a shortened version of the film that we can put on here at some point.  I can’t wait!

Then today we had our long awaited ‘Talent Show’.  Due to already smashing our Thomas Theyer Challenge total, we decided to keep the Talent Show (as it was one of the children’s suggestions) but only charge 20p.  Not only did we watch some amazing talent, but we also managed to collectively raise another £13.40 for Thomas.  That’s a lot of 20ps!

To give you a taste of our afternoon’s entertainment, we enjoyed:  Henry’s magic tricks; the girls doing the ‘Cup Song’; Fin’s magic show; Morrigan with her Poy; Isabelle and Mishka’s comedy magic show; the girls doing the ‘Cup Song’; Orly and Marcia naming all the states of the USA;  Tyler’s Space Cowboy; Lucy and Orla ballroom dancing; and of course the acts in the pictures above.  Wow!  We laughed a lot!


More Fishies

It looks like our big shoal of fish has attracted a smaller shoal into the garden!  I’m really liking our outside space at the moment.  Well done everyone.

Grindleford Does Indeed Rock!

Massive congratulations to the Carnival Committee for organising an absolutely brilliant carnival for us all to enjoy last Saturday.

Many, many thanks to all the children who turned out to represent the school and wow the audience with their Tai Chi skills – you were amazing and looked incredibly professional.

Another massive lot of thanks to all the parents and friends of the school who donated gifts for our tombola stall.  We raised a huge £262.80 for our School Funds – thank you everybody.

Our little fishies have swum home today as well 🙂

Grindleford U10 Football Award

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work for the Under 10s squad throughout this season.

Fishy goings on

There was a bright school of fish swimming their way through the village this afternoon – did you see them?

As part of the school’s contribution to this year’s Grindleford Carnival, Class 3 took down the amazing underwater creations that will help the village have a seaside feel for the weekend’s fun.  We are all looking forward to Saturday: the schedule looks packed with great things to do, and we will be there with our tombola stall and rainbow stick game – come and say hello 🙂


We saw another school of fishy-looking characters whilst we were out and about……

A Helping Hand at the Station

“Now arriving at Platform One are some keen Gardeners from Grindleford Primary School.”

That’s exactly what the announcement might have sounded like, had there been one, on Friday morning when 8 pupils from school took part in a community gardening project (on the Platform) as part of the Friends of Grindleford Station. During the last few weeks, School Gardening Club members have sown, nurtured and grown flower seeds in preparation for us to donate to this exciting project. It means that when train passengers visit the station: either to catch or alight from a train or are just passing through Grindleford, they will be able to appreciate a glorious flower display, directly contributed to with the help of our school.

The children were extremely well behaved and got stuck in straight away with weeding, a skill they have learnt well and that any gardener knows is always a necessary job, before transplanting our donated flowers – Petunias, Antirrhinums and Cosmos. There was even time for a little train spotting with some very friendly passing passengers and train staff. Kay, Liz, Janet and John from the Station Project were on hand to help and keep us all safe too. The children took part in a mini quiz about the station and were awarded certificates for taking part, both of which had kindly been prepared by Kay on behalf of the Project.

It was a really enjoyable morning’s work and great to be involved in such a worthy activity in our village, we are extremely grateful to the Project for giving us the opportunity to get involved. If you’re passing that way in the next few weeks, see if you can spot our floral display on Platform 1.

Lizzy Hawker – An Inspiration and a Half!

Wow!  Today Class 3 and Class 1 met an amazing lady called Lizzy Hawker.

Lizzy very kindly agreed to visit school to tell us all about her latest adventure, where she ran across the whole of Nepal!  It is not often that in order to illustrate where you have run, you need to show a picture from space – but Lizzy did!  Even the paper map was immense, let alone the feat itself.

It took Lizzy 42 days to complete and she carried everything she required in her rucksack.  As she started off in the Monsoon season, her feet suffered quite badly and her trainers literally gave up on her.  She had a new pair waiting for her along the trip, which she had to slice up in order to get her feet in as they had swelled up so much.  You wouldn’t believe the change in colour between the two pairs either – yuck!

It was heartwarming to hear of all the local hospitality that Lizzy was offered and quite mind blowing to imagine the sheer strength of character that got her up and out of these warm, cosy homes to begin running again every morning.

Lizzy’s only lifeline was her Satellite phone and the knowledge that if she hadn’t checked in with home for a couple of nights then an alarm would be raised.  Lizzy was very clear that it was down to her to keep herself safe and get out of any difficulties she may encounter.  She really needed to know her own strengths and limitations and have survival skills too.

Lizzy recounted a story where she had tried to do this route before but had had an accident where she lost her satellite phone, visas, maps etc, in fact everything she required to find her way along.  She had to climb to the top of a very steep mountain and look at where the river flowed in the base of the valley, then try to get down the side of the mountain to reach the river she had seen from above.  She knew that she could follow the river and that would get her to a settlement and hopefully safety.  Scary stuff as there were no tracks down the mountain to follow and she could have become incredibly lost.

I really don’t know how she managed for 42 days to complete such an isolated journey – but she did.  What an amazing journey and an amazing lady.  It was incredible to meet Lizzy and I hope we shall see her again in the future.

RNLI and Water Safety

We were incredibly lucky to be visited today by Ali Singleton, an RNLI Education Leader.  Ali delivered an assembly to us all about the different roles and responsibilities within the RNLI and talked about beach safety and how we can keep each other SAFE:

S – Spot the Dangers

A – Always go with a friend or adult

F – Know the safety signs and the Flags

E – Emergency 999/112

Ask the children to expand on these – they did a fabulous wave and shout for help for the Emergency bit!!  Did you know that if you go to a lifeguard hut before going on the beach they will give your child a wristband?  You then write your mobile number on it and then if your child gets lost or separated from you, you can be contacted easily.  I didn’t!  What a brilliant and simple idea.

Then Ali visited each of the classes throughout the day for a workshop on water safety as well as beach safety.  I was impressed at Class 3 telling me how to get out of a rip tide whilst queuing up for their lunch!  Here are some of Class 3 enjoying their workshop.

For more information, activities and advice check of the RNLI website at or the children’s website at


Mud Kitchen Malarky

Way, way, way back in May, when the sun was hot and shiny, the children thoroughly enjoyed messing about in the mud kitchen.  You never know, if it ever stops raining we may get back in there again!

This is a birthday cake that they made for a couple of children who were celebrating their birthday on that day – you know who you are!

Carnival Week Has Officially Begun!

Grindleford Carnival 2017 officially opened on Sunday, with the traditional Grindleford Junior F.C. matches against parents/friends.  The three matches were extremely hard fought, with the U8 squad winning 4-2, the U10 Squad drawing at 4-4 and the U12 losing 5-3 (although they were probably moving better than the U12 opponents on Monday morning!!).   The matches were followed by the ‘End of Season’ trophy presentations.

‘Player of The Season for U8’As voted for by all the Coaches – Well done!

The Carnival Opening Ceremony followed, with some brilliant singing by the Grindleford Choir, an introduction from Mattie Cooper and a few words from Rev Jude.  All the Year 6 children are Ambassadors this year – look out for them on their float on Saturday!