Wild Things!

Yet another fantastic day trip out for the whole school!  Yorkshire Wildlife Park is very cool, especially the Polar Bears.  Everyone had a fantastic day as I hope the following pictures show.  We learnt about Polar bears and their habitats, what makes different creatures special and held lots of amazingly huge creepy crawlies.  As usual we got lots and lots of really nice remarks about how polite, well-mannered and helpful our children were – especially Class 3 helping some tiny tots on the playground.  Well done everyone.

It was The Greatest Show, man

KS2 put on a couple of stunning performances of Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies this week.  The funny jokes were great, the groan-worthy jokes were great and the singing and dancing was first class.

A huge well done to all of the aspiring performers, you did yourselves proud.

As promised, a few shots for you to enjoy:

E.I.S. (Everyone Is Sportytastic) 2018

More heat, more sports, more achievements, more fun…..today has been a great day!

Classes 2 and 3 travelled to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield today to take part in the cluster KS2 sports day arranged by the awesome Mrs Cook from HVC.

The day started with some sprint races and qualifiers for the 200m and we came away with a some placings:

Hope the athletes weren’t too worried about the lap counter during one of the races!

EIS2018am (31)

After lunch, everyone took to a range of athletic challenges that included the shot, javelin, SAQ, high jump and some hilarious aim games:

I did laugh when the class were set press-ups in the aim game, except for the winner who earnt a pass 🙂


It was then onto the finals of the 200m, the long 800m races and we finished with the 4×100 sprint relays.  Look at those lovely certificates, with an extra-special well done to our 800m champion who ran a faultless, but incredibly competitive race.

Thank you Mrs Cook and your team of Sports Leaders (even the shy one hiding in the photo) – a highlight of our year as always.


Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:

For making superb progress with his understanding of grammar and punctuation; brilliant rugby skills and putting 100% effort into everything she does – Excellent!

Writer of the Week:

For making a superb effort in producing her portfolio, excellent writing skills – Well Done!

Right Choice Winners:

For helping in the classroom and befriending people in the playground – Thank you so much!

Certificates from Home

Derwent Valley Junior League U8 Hospitality Trophy – Voted for by all the other teams within the league – The BEST trophy to win – Congratulations!

Making it into the papers!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Howden who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Howden will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.



Bee Awesome this Summer

There was a real buzz at assembly time this morning, as the theme was bees.

L and A from Class 2 started off by giving us a wonderfully detailed presentation on the plight of bee species, and what are the main problems they face as their numbers are dwindling.


Diane from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust then told us some things we can do in other to help these essential pollinators.


She also provided every child in school with an amazing bee-themed kit of activities, games and scientific things to do.  It also included a packet of seeds that will produce some very nectar-rich flowers.


Mrs Hill then presented us with the grand total number of knitted bees that many extended members of the school family have been busy producing over the last few months – a HUGE thank you to everyone who has produced one of these little wonders.   You have been super worker bees.

The total donated to the Wildlife Trust to sell was…….


We hope you can help bees in mind this summer when you are out in the garden and do something to help them out….I know that Reception have already started making some gorgeous creations for their bit.

If you see a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust shop in the coming weeks, pop in and see what else you can discover.

Wonderful Woodworking Skills

Whilst being really proud of what the children accomplish within school, it is also extremely brilliant when they share what they have been working hard on at home.  Take a look at the extremely high level of woodworking skill one of our Year 6 pupils has used to create his very own ‘Hollywood’ sign!  He did it all by himself, with just some help holding the wood steady.  I’m sure you will agree…it is immense!

Cracking Carnival Fell Race

We had a gorgeous night for the Carnival Fell Race last night.  Lots of runners turned out, parents and villagers.  It was, as usual, a crackingly good night superbly organised by Beth and Andy M.  A massive thank you must go to them and all the other volunteers and marshals who, working together, enable these events to take place.

The results are as follows:

  Pre-School Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Post School
1 Peter Flora Tashi Alice Wilf (16:59) Alana (17:47) Toby (14:32) Maddy (16:00) Bryn (15:54) Millie (21:41)
2   Pippa Alfie Izzy Dylan (18:18) Grace (19:06) Theo (18:29) Orla (18:21) Alex (27.12)  
3   JoJo Ivor Charlotte Max (18:32) Eva (23.10) Adam (18:54) Heidi (25:02)    
4     Daniel Emma Will (18:56) Poppy (31:37)   Kiran (31:39)    
5         Simon (25:37)          

Great Grindleford Bakers

Cooking Club yesterday produced some beautiful blueberry muffins. It’s great to see the children growing in confidence with their following of the recipes as the weeks go by. Hope they enjoyed their tasty cakes. Mrs Hill certainly enjoyed the one she managed to find in the staffroom.

Royal Wedding Celebration Lunch

The school enjoyed a lovely afternoon lunch and play to celebrate this weekend’s Royal Wedding.

The bunting came out, the children came out, and even the sun came out, all combining to create a wonderful, fun atmosphere.  The picnic lunch in the warmth had a great family feel to it: the classes intermingled and everyone really enjoyed the British classics of sausage rolls, sandwiches and of course a little cake!

It was then off for a play, and many headed for the garden where wedding cake making was on the agenda.  There was one particularly spectacular effort that would suit the occasion:

Then there was yet another treat, as jelly, ice cream and strawberries appeared for all to enjoy.

I also had a treat too, I never thought I’d get to be a royal photographer!  By chance I happened upon the ceremony in the top playground and they graciously posed for me.


This week’s winners

A lot of great reasons to celebrate in school this week with some fantastic achivements.

Stars of the Week


for superb maths, improvements in writing and organising/improving the school.

Writer of the Week


For a great news report.

Right Choice Rewards


There has been some sporting success out of school too, with some very impressive cups for coming first in running and doing well in a tennis tournament.

and finally, well done to all in Derwent who narrowly won the house point trophy, and they were crowned champions as you can see: