Wonderful Woodworking Skills

Whilst being really proud of what the children accomplish within school, it is also extremely brilliant when they share what they have been working hard on at home.  Take a look at the extremely high level of woodworking skill one of our Year 6 pupils has used to create his very own ‘Hollywood’ sign!  He did it all by himself, with just some help holding the wood steady.  I’m sure you will agree…it is immense!

Cracking Carnival Fell Race

We had a gorgeous night for the Carnival Fell Race last night.  Lots of runners turned out, parents and villagers.  It was, as usual, a crackingly good night superbly organised by Beth and Andy M.  A massive thank you must go to them and all the other volunteers and marshals who, working together, enable these events to take place.

The results are as follows:

  Pre-School Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Post School
1 Peter Flora Tashi Alice Wilf (16:59) Alana (17:47) Toby (14:32) Maddy (16:00) Bryn (15:54) Millie (21:41)
2   Pippa Alfie Izzy Dylan (18:18) Grace (19:06) Theo (18:29) Orla (18:21) Alex (27.12)  
3   JoJo Ivor Charlotte Max (18:32) Eva (23.10) Adam (18:54) Heidi (25:02)    
4     Daniel Emma Will (18:56) Poppy (31:37)   Kiran (31:39)    
5         Simon (25:37)          

Great Grindleford Bakers

Cooking Club yesterday produced some beautiful blueberry muffins. It’s great to see the children growing in confidence with their following of the recipes as the weeks go by. Hope they enjoyed their tasty cakes. Mrs Hill certainly enjoyed the one she managed to find in the staffroom.

Royal Wedding Celebration Lunch

The school enjoyed a lovely afternoon lunch and play to celebrate this weekend’s Royal Wedding.

The bunting came out, the children came out, and even the sun came out, all combining to create a wonderful, fun atmosphere.  The picnic lunch in the warmth had a great family feel to it: the classes intermingled and everyone really enjoyed the British classics of sausage rolls, sandwiches and of course a little cake!

It was then off for a play, and many headed for the garden where wedding cake making was on the agenda.  There was one particularly spectacular effort that would suit the occasion:

Then there was yet another treat, as jelly, ice cream and strawberries appeared for all to enjoy.

I also had a treat too, I never thought I’d get to be a royal photographer!  By chance I happened upon the ceremony in the top playground and they graciously posed for me.


This week’s winners

A lot of great reasons to celebrate in school this week with some fantastic achivements.

Stars of the Week


for superb maths, improvements in writing and organising/improving the school.

Writer of the Week


For a great news report.

Right Choice Rewards


There has been some sporting success out of school too, with some very impressive cups for coming first in running and doing well in a tennis tournament.

and finally, well done to all in Derwent who narrowly won the house point trophy, and they were crowned champions as you can see:


The First Ever Grindleford Lotto Winner!

The winner of our first Grindleford Lotto Bingo with a prize fund of £412.50 was……..Cath Johnstone!!!!!
Cath works on the switchboard at Chatsworth as well as being a volunteer gardener, she was absolutely thrilled to hear that she had won the amazing amount of £412.50.
Thank you so much to everyone that participated.  The £412.50 raised for school is going towards the cost of a new playground surface.
 Watch this space for the launch of the next round!

Gruffalo Crumble

Cooking Club tonight smelt devine!  The children, alongside Mrs Bacon and Mrs Flint, peeled, prepared and cooked up lots of vegetables before preparing a herby crumb for their ‘Gruffalo Crumble’.  Doesn’t it look scrummy?

Our New Pupils!

You may well have heard tonight that we have two new pupils in Class 2 – here are Kevin and Perry.

Despite their names, they are both girls and are absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, Kevin and Perry are only with us until we can find a more permanent home for them.  They are currently being rehoused and needed a roof over their heads until a new home becomes available.  Therefore, if you were thinking of getting any pets and guinea pigs were on your thinking list, now may be a good time to have a free trial!

Both Kevin and Perry have been handled since birth and are very docile and placid.  They are very used to being handled and sit quietly waiting for you to pick them up!  (Nothing like mine at home!!).

I am hoping that some of you may fancy looking after them at weekends on a rota basis or indeed if you would like to have them to keep, they are free (with cage) to a good home.  Just pop in and see me (and them) to see whether looking after them, either short term or permanently, is for you.

Cybersafety: VPN?

VPN is an acronym that is being used more and more in conversations about technology.  Although commonly used to access work networks over the internet for years now, they are being used in many situations by younger people, and it could be worth a little read on what they are and how they are used.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and they can be used to hide net traffic and what sites and services are accessed, even if parental controls have been put in place.


There is only a very tiny chance that any primary-aged children are using such a service (mostly due to the cost and payment requirements – however, there are free ones out there), but I know that such things are discussed and used in teenage years by individuals, sometimes for reasons that are concerning.

The latest article from ParentInfo gives a very brief introduction to VPNs and worth a read to get up to date.


And There’s More…..UK U12 Sabre Fencing Results

Following fast on the heels of the fantastic news that we have a UK Champion Climber within our little school community, we can now proudly announce that we have another UK placed pupil, this time for Fencing.

Last weekend, the British Youth Championships for Fencing were held at the EIS in Sheffield.  The Championship covered all three types of fencing: foil, epee and sabre.  In order to get to the final, the participants had to go through various regional rounds in their age categories.  After qualifying as the U12 East Midland Champion, ‘The Tilster’ then fought her way through the seeding rounds called the poules.  After winning three of her five matches in the poules, she progressed through the first knockout round winning 10-6, then lost to the eventual Bronze winner in the last sixteen.  ‘The Tilster’ is now ranked as 12th in her age category for British Sabre Fencing!  What makes this even more impressive is that she has only been fighting for just over a year.  I can’t wait to see just how far she is going to progress!

‘The Tilster’ got into fencing following a taster session here at school, but if any of you fancy having a go pop along to HVC on a Thursday afternoon starting at 3.30pm.  If you would like any more information please feel free to chat to Mr Petts.

Again, how proud are we all to have such impressive sporting prowess within our village school….and I haven’t even mentioned swimming for Derbyshire, Ice-skating, running…the list goes on!