Warwick Castle Trip

An amazing time was had by all at Warwick Castle today for our whole school trip.  There was so much to see and do that I am not sure that any of us got round the entire site!  A fun-filled day included learning all about forces, crime and punishment, attacking and defending, stories and shields in the workshops where the experts delivering them taught us so much and had us in stitches.

There was also the allure of a Horrible Histories maze, a bird of prey show, a talk on archery weapons, a demonstration of the trebuchet and freedom to walk around the rather high walls and towers.

We learnt a lot, laughed a lot, saw a lot and would highly recommend it to anyone for a day out.

It was also nice to hear some great feedback about the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge from the staff there, and a member of the public pulled Mrs Hill aside to say how amazingly behaved he thought they all were.

Here are some shots of some of what we got up to (including a lot of drunkards and thieves as you’ll see!):

It was a tiring day for sure:

A Staggering Performance

Yesterday saw the opening night of this year’s KS2 production – Staggering Stanley.

The children have worked really hard over the last few weeks and it showed, as the entertainment levels were turned up to eleven.  Even though I know the lines off by heart, I was still chuckling away as their delivery was spot on.  The singing and dancing, combined with the quality acting, show what a talented bunch there are, and the praise from the audience afterwards was so positive.

Well done children, a very star-studded and spangly-panted way to finish off a Staggering Super year at school.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the members of staff who helped and put in so much time to get the play to the standard it was – TA 🙂

E.I.S. (Everyone is Sport-tastic)

Classes 2 and 3 took a trip to the English Institute of Sport today as part of the Hope Valley Cluster Indoor Athletics Meet arranged by Mrs Cook and run by their excellent Y11 sports leaders.

Do take the time to look through all the photos, I know there are a lot, but I wanted to capture as much of the children as possible doing as many of the sports as I could.

It all started off with the 60m sprints and qualifiers for the 200m run:

Congratulations to those who were placed in the final:

Then everyone took part in a range of field events: high jump, long jump, javelin, shot and SAQ activities.  IT gave a chance for them all to try their hand at some new events and for many to show off their talents.

The afternoon was capped off with the finals of the 200m, the 800m and the 4x100m relay.  A terrific display of speed:

Well done everyone – you really showed what an athletic bunch you are.  The EIS is a terrific day out, and fortunately a mainstay in the school calendar.  Thank you again Mrs Cook 🙂

Tag Rugby Champions

We have a very nice sporting achievement to share today: one of the class 3 teams were victorious in the tag rugby tournament this afternoon in Hope; they were playing against Hope, Castleton and Bamford, eventually raising the trophy after five very tough games.

It was a great afternoon out, and all played well showing how well they have progressed under Rick’s coaching.  More information and some action shots can be seen over on the class 3 blog.

Water Marvelous Afternoon!

What an amazing afternoon!  18 intrepid swimmers took to the Matlock Arc waters to try to push themselves to complete various amounts of lengths, to raise money for The Thomas Theyer Foundation.  The targets ranged from 2 lengths completed to 100 lengths.  Our ages ranged from reception up to Year 6.  As the mood rose to one of great anticipation and excitement, we approached the pool armed with clipboards and goggles to go for it!

Oh my word!  I honestly cannot describe what a jaw dropping exhibition of determination we have witnessed this afternoon.  Every single child swam their hearts out for a good 90 minutes and collectively swam 900 lengths which is 14 miles and 100 yards in total (I think!).  Check out the fantastic totals:

Lucy 64 lengths

Katie 34 lengths

Bryn 90 lengths

Jacob 28 lengths

Theo 64 lengths

Wilf 67 lengths

Maddy 100 lengths

William 36 lengths

Alana 57 lengths

Alice 26 lengths

Jesse 32 lengths

Heidi 64 lengths

Max 64 lengths

Daisy 46 lengths

Tilly 26 lengths

Sidney 24 lengths

Phoebe 32 lengths

Tilly P 64 lengths

Excellent swimming skills!  I can’t wait to see how much you have all raised.  The staff at The Arc also chipped in towards the afternoon and donated a massive £104 too!  Thank you so much for all your help, support and generosity in helping to make this superb afternoon possible for us.  The Arc Rocks!

UPDATE:  Due to illness Dylan couldn’t join us on Friday afternoon, but over the weekend he had a mere 20 minutes spare before his swimming lesson and managed to complete a huge 14 lengths in that time!!! Fabulous stuff Dylan, thank you!



Absolutely Amazing Auction!

Tonight was the night for the School Council’s Auction of Promises in aid of The Thomas Theyer Foundation….and what an absolutely amazing night it was!

The School Council, alongside our Chair of Governors Barbara Kwiecinski, started work on this auction way back in September (maybe even before that..time is just a blur).  Mrs Kwiecinski wanted to help the School Council to go out and work alongside the community a bit more, developing from being just school based to learning how the community works and pulls together in a small village.  After a couple of false starts, the idea of an Auction of Promises was born.  The children have had a great learning experience throughout all the planning stages and they have been hands on all the way through.

The work began with a visit to the local shop who carried out an auction of promises as one of their initial fundraising ideas.  The children chatted to the volunteers down there who explained how they had planned their auction, all the various jobs and tasks there was to do and the various steps with which to do them.  Filled with confidence they returned to school and started to write letters to various businesses in the community and the surrounding area to see if anyone would pledge any promises.  Lots of people did!

The next step was to visit Terry and Helen at The Sir William and talk about the type of venue they would need, the type of buffet they would like to offer and, obviously, if The Sir William was free on their chosen date to host the Auction itself.  It was!

As the promises came into school thick and fast, Mrs Kwiecinski took School Council to visit a couple of the people who had pledged items for the auction.  They explained why they were raising money and talked about the charity and what it meant to them.  They also took the opportunity to thank them profusely for their generosity with their pledges.

Next came a visit to David Haywood to see how an auctioneer delivers an auction.  This was great fun and School Council had a go at auctioning off some of David’s personal items!!  Our older members came away feeling confident enough to actually have a go themselves at auctioneering on the night.

Finally, tonight arrived.  The room had been set out (learning about leg room and fire exits), the promises were on display, the float was ready for the food money to be collected in and the raffle was ready to go.

What can I say??  What an absolutely amazing night was had by all.  The auction room was packed; David was hilarious with his auctioneering skills; School Council did all their jobs really well and had loads of fun – the room rocked with laughter all night – and the buffet was gorgeous and plentiful.

The most amazing thing though was the amazing generosity of the Village of Grindleford.  

There were parents and pupils; staff; governors; ex-governors; people who were staying at the pub overnight; people who had already given promises and people from our fabulous village community who all turned out to see if they could grab a bargain whilst raising money for a very good local charity.  The bids came in thick and fast, alongside silent bids that had already been received in the run up, and the money started flowing in……

I am absolutely amazed, and greatly humbled, that due to the immense generosity (and some fierce bidding) a gigantic grand total of £1790 was raised!!  WOW! (and there is still a little bit still to come in!)

A massively HUGE thank you must go to:

  • Everybody who donated the 31 lots in total.  Without your help, the auction could not have happened.  Thank you so much.
  • Terry and Helen for allowing us to use The Sir William free of charge and providing us with a buffet at cost.  Thank you.
  • David Haywood for being the best auctioneer ever! Thank you.
  • Our Governors, Helen, Cynthia and Jane, for pulling together and doing all the last minute jobs and helping to advertise the auction.
  • Barbara Kwiecinski for leading the School Council and enabling them to learn so many new things in such a short amount of time.  Well done Barbara, you were epic!
  • The School Council for being the starts that they are!

..and of course, everyone who came along on the night and made it such a success.  If I have forgotten anybody, I truly apologise.  Thank you to Phil Sproson, who not only donated a calendar of his photographs to the auction but also took some fabulous shots too.


Our Model Village


Classes 1 and 2 took part in a workshop led by guest artist Mrs McFarlane.  She demonstrated how to start off a portrait and talked them through how to work out the proportions of the face, draw the main features and assess the lighting so shading could be added for realism.

It was really interesting, useful, great fun, and I really enjoyed adding ‘male model’ onto my CV 😉

As for the results….we were very impressed with how the children captured us, and there are clearly some budding artists at school (although I think some did also capture our poor traits too)

Here is Miss Village:

And here is Mr Petts:

Tremendous Talents!

We’ve had a very interesting week showcasing our general and specific talents and generosity.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Chris Theyer (Thomas’ mummy) and her friend called Jamie Agnew.  Jamie is making some short films all about The Thomas Theyer Foundation, the Challenge and what they hope to achieve in the future.  The ‘Sports Crew’ had organised a hockey tournament (from scratch, without any adult help) which was filmed, alongside the School Council being interviewed and other fundraising individuals.  It was all very exciting!  We should get a shortened version of the film that we can put on here at some point.  I can’t wait!

Then today we had our long awaited ‘Talent Show’.  Due to already smashing our Thomas Theyer Challenge total, we decided to keep the Talent Show (as it was one of the children’s suggestions) but only charge 20p.  Not only did we watch some amazing talent, but we also managed to collectively raise another £13.40 for Thomas.  That’s a lot of 20ps!

To give you a taste of our afternoon’s entertainment, we enjoyed:  Henry’s magic tricks; the girls doing the ‘Cup Song’; Fin’s magic show; Morrigan with her Poy; Isabelle and Mishka’s comedy magic show; the girls doing the ‘Cup Song’; Orly and Marcia naming all the states of the USA;  Tyler’s Space Cowboy; Lucy and Orla ballroom dancing; and of course the acts in the pictures above.  Wow!  We laughed a lot!


More Fishies

It looks like our big shoal of fish has attracted a smaller shoal into the garden!  I’m really liking our outside space at the moment.  Well done everyone.

Grindleford Does Indeed Rock!

Massive congratulations to the Carnival Committee for organising an absolutely brilliant carnival for us all to enjoy last Saturday.

Many, many thanks to all the children who turned out to represent the school and wow the audience with their Tai Chi skills – you were amazing and looked incredibly professional.

Another massive lot of thanks to all the parents and friends of the school who donated gifts for our tombola stall.  We raised a huge £262.80 for our School Funds – thank you everybody.

Our little fishies have swum home today as well 🙂