Feed Me Crisps! (well, the empty packets)

IMG_20190911_1049352Not that crisps are a recommended snack, but as part of a healthy lifestyle they are indeed a tasty treat (and my weakness I must admit!), and we are hoping that if you do indulge you can help us out with what it left over.

Crisp packets are not easy to recycle, but Mrs Heason has told us about a great scheme that not only aims to recycle them, but also raise money for part of Sheffield Children’s Hospital too.  Fantastic!

We have put a rather hungry green Dalek at the bottom of Class 3’s steps, and if you could save up all of your packets and put them in there rather than throw them away, we will ensure they contribute to the cause.

The only stipulation is that the packets must have the silvery lining inside, so they can be popcorn and other crisp-related snackables too.

Thank you



Y6 Last-6

A little farewell post before the Summer starts – farewell to a Y6 group that I have been fortunate enough to teach for the last two years, and all the staff have loved seeing them grow over the last seven years into the superstars they are.

Good luck in your next schools, you are more than ready and we really want you all to visit again and let us know how you are doing.

** The leavers photos and slideshow will be shared with each of you, so do download them before the start of next term **

Stars of the Stage

I hope you were among the audience for our KS2 performances this year, as I won’t need to tell you how amazing the children were because you’ll  already know.

Fabulous acting, wonderful singing and the best dancing we’ve seen to date in my opinion! Well done all – it was more challenging this year due to all the fun we’ve been having, but yet again, you have proved that you are an incredible band.

EIS 2019

There were sporting superstars aplenty today as we took all of KS2 to the EIS in Sheffield for the Hope Valley Cluster Sports Day 2019.

It was a chance to go up against the other local schools in a variety of competitive and fun events using a range of skills to both practise and perform with.  They ran, they jumped, they threw, they balanced and they got sand in their shoes.

First of all – a hall of champions for you to congratulate with some incredible individual and team achievements:

Also, here is a (large) gallery of some of the action from today:

A Trip on the Train

What a day out we all had! 

With the kind help of Kath Aspinwall, Chairperson of the Hope Valley Rail Users Group who arranged the travel passes for the whole school to experience a rail journey through the Totley Tunnel and the Hope Valley as part of the 125 year celebrations. Northern Rail provided free travel passes for the whole school, including staff, to enable us to have the experience of a journey by train at this very special time. We are extremely grateful to the people that helped us along the way with our local topic work, it’s been great throughout.

There were lots of excited young people, 67 of them, on the Grindleford Station platform bound for Sheffield at 10:43 this morning and the journey didn’t disappoint. We were met at Dore and Totley station by Chris Morgan, a volunteer from the station group who has already accompanied classes 2 and 3 on guided walks over the last week and to whom we are also very grateful. Today, he provided lots of interesting information for the children whilst we waited to catch the train for the next stage of our day trip. We learned facts about: the station; the train signals and the destinations and starting points of the trains. Whilst on the platform, we all waved madly at every passing train and were rewarded with the sound of their train horns and waves from the train drivers. How good was that! Here are some photographs from our terrific train trip:

Enjoying the Fruits of Labour

The school wants to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who came into school last Saturday to contribute to our Community Gardening Day.

It was great to see so many parents, children and members of the local community give up their time to improve the green areas of school, and it has made a huge impact already. The pond area particularly has had a wonderful facelift, and it has been a joy to spend lunchtimes in there spotting frogs and identifying plants.

The new bug hotel has an influx of new residents, and the mud kitchen is producing mud cakes galore.

Thank you to Mrs Campbell for publicising the event and to the amazing helpers who worked incredibly hard in the sun and rain to make a huge difference.

Fantastic Fun Science Assembly

We were joined this morning by Magnetic Milla who presented an amazingly disgusting assembly on the digestive system.  It was incredibly interesting and clearly explained the process of how our bodies work…..from beginning to the very gruesome end!

Milla started by putting some beans and biscuits into a ‘mouth’, which were then squashed and broken down by the ‘teeth’, ‘saliva’ and ‘enzymes’.  This mixture then travelled into the muscular bag of the ‘stomach’ and was squished and squashed further (the unknown hole in the bag was quite funny at this point!).  The ‘stomach’ contents then travelled into the ‘small intestine’ where the ‘villi’ tickled the contents to take out the nutrients and minerals.  The contents then travelled further into the ‘large intestines’ where they were squished and squashed to release the water and electrolytes that our bodies still need.  Finally the waste product was excreted through the ‘rectum’ and the ‘anus’.  We are very happy to report that it was a perfect soft sausage shape when it landed!

Can you spot each stage in the pictures below?

Magnetic Milla came from ‘Fun Science Sheffield’ who offer lots of different science activities including science parties for different age groups.  If you are interested, check them out on facebook@FunScienceSheffield or Twitter@MagneticMilla.  They are well worth a look!

Rolling Rolling Rolling

The annual Easter Egg Rolling Championship was a close affair this year – it needed a ‘roll-off’ to decide the eventual winning house!

Now a mainstay of Easter celebrations in school, everyone gets to take part in this inter-house competition of skill, nerves, and a little wibbly-wobbly luck.


After all the rolls were completed, the points were added up and Howden came in third with 48 points, but Ladybower and Derwent were tied with 55.  So it came down to a tense final roll, and it turned out to be a close one with Ladybower pipping Derwent in the last metre to the chocolatey spoils of victory.

Well done Ladybower….the pressure is on for Sports Day now to continue to roll…..

Egg Rolling-2.jpg


Easter Excellence!

What a brilliant number of entries we had this year for the Great Easter Egg Competition.  The standard was very high all round.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make these fantastic pieces of art, but also to vote across the school.

The winners are:

Class 1


In First place with 30% of the vote, well done to ‘It’s Eggsalent Under the Sea’.

In second place with 16% of the vote, well done to ‘Danny Maceggskill’.

In third place with 13% of the vote, well done to ‘Easter Bunny’s Burrow’.

Class 2


In First place with 24% of the vote, well done to ‘Dominegg’s Peggza’.

In second place with 14% of the vote, well done to ‘Mr MacGregger’s Garden’.

In third place with 11% of the vote, well done to ‘Spring Chicken’.

Class 3

In First place with 29% of the vote, well done to ‘Heggwig’.

In Joint second place with 17% of the vote, well done to ‘Font-Egg-Bleau’ and ‘Space Eggscaration’.

Family Section:

In First place with 33% of the vote, well done to ‘The Great Egg-scape’.

In second place with 27% of the vote, well done to ‘Bee Eggstremely Bee Friendly in your Garden’.

In third place with 17% of the vote, well done to ‘Gallery of Eggpressionist Art’.

Congratulations everybody!

Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:

For excellent independent writing and using outstanding vocabulary in his writing – Fantastic!

Class 3 Star is Kiran for an incredible solar system – Brilliant!

Writer of the Week:

For improving her focus in her writing – Excellent!

Right Choice Winners:

For helping to clear up after baking and helping to tidy the classroom.  Our third winner (you know who you are!) was awarded her prize for tidying out the welly box – Thank you!

Certificates from Home

Swimming – Octopus 1 Award – Brilliant!

Beavers – Chief Scout Bronze Award – Fabulous!

Ice Skating – Skate Southern – Individual Competition – First Place – Wow!

MBC Youth Climbing Series 2019 – Midlands & Peak Youth C Male – First Place – Impressive!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Ladybower who managed to get the most house points this week.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Ladybower will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.