Merry 2020 Christmas!

A massive thank you to our fantastic cook Louise for delivering a veritable feast for us today. We’ve had crackers, presents and far too much to eat……..roll on our parties this afternoon!

Still no Bingo!

How exciting……we still don’t have a winner for the Christmas Bingo! This weeks numbers were 13, 38, 39, 49, 53 and 56 with the bonus ball 59.

The competition is really hotting up though as we have 3 people currently in the lead with 5 numbers each! Lots of people with 4 numbers marked off too……Who is going to win the massive prize pot???!!! Fingers crossed for next Saturday….

Kitchen Wars or Star Wars?

Boba Fett made an appearance in the kitchen today. He stood quietly in the corner overseeing the making of shortbread for the children. A very brief conversation ensued and he divulged that he’s an avid baker in his spare time and had been asked to be Mary Berry’s replacement on The Great British Bake Off!!!! He had to turn them down though, as he’s too busy with his main job!

Louise x

Reindeer Fodder?!

Hi! I thought that I would introduce myself to you all. I’m Louise and I’m the new, slightly crazy, but fun loving cook at your children’s lovely school.

I’ve been wearing different attire in the run up to Christmas and this was today’s ‘get up’. I’ve been called mad as a hatter and I have to admit that it is true!

I went into Class 1 today after lunch and teased them by asking: “Can you help me please? When I have these antlers on, I keep wanting to eat raw carrots, but when I take them off it stops!”. The children all had a wide range of wonderful imaginative ideas, such as there must be magic elves spreading fairy dust in my kitchen which made me feel like I was turning into a reindeer!

I then proceeded to ‘gallop’ up the corridor into Class 2 in a fit of hysterical giggles as I tripped up on my way in! It’s all fun and games!

I really hope that you’re children are enjoting their school dinners.

Best wishes,

Louise aka Loopy the Reindeer

Ooooh, not quite Bingo yet….

…….but we are getting extremely close! The Lotto numbers last Saturday were 13, 38, 47, 51, 52, 59 with bonus ball 18. We have a new leader with 5 numbers crossed off – all of which came out last Saturday!!! Lots of people are currently on 4, but as we saw last week it is still absolutely anybody’s game.

Cracking Christmas Cheer

Thank you so much to Calver Garden Centre for our beautiful outdoor tree. It is the first year we have had an outside tree for a long, long time, but we thought we would bring a little bit of cheer to end this year of all years. I must say that the staff at Calver Garden Centre were incredibly helpful as well as being incredibly generous. Please pop in and say thank you for us if you get the chance….there were lots of beautiful trees, ornaments, plants and so on, plus some delicious smells from the cafe!

Domino Rallying?

What do you think about Class 3’s creations this time? Jenga and dominoes add up to loads of building fun! It is quite amazing what can be created in just one breaktime.

Bingo…..not quite yet!

Our Christmas Bingo game is still ongoing and getting more and more exciting! We have lots of people with one, two or three numbers…..but only one out in front with four numbers! £650 up to be won and it could all change again next Saturday. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part. Finger’s crossed and eye’s down….

Jenga? What’s Jenga?

As we are currently playing in our different ‘bubble’ zones, we have been spending some money on more equipment to make them a little bit more exciting. In the top playground we have now purchased 4 lots of giant Jenga; a new large chess set; 2000 dominoes for domino rallying; an outdoor Twister set which all go alongside our giant snakes and ladder board and outdoor 4 in a row game.

As you can see Jenga is never used as Jenga, but as a product for design and engineering! Class 2 have made a boat being attacked by a shark complete with oars; a smaller row boat; a cargo ship for posh fast cars; a destruction derby; a bird carrier and a bed area! Can you tell which is which? Lots of fun was had with the boxes too, as not only could you walk in them, but they made a seat for you to sit on too! Hours of fun!

Magnificent Playground Markings

Thank you so much to all our parents, friends and followers who help our PTA to raise such good amounts of money. The recent Bingo money has gone towards these new playground markings to help with our outdoor learning. I am sure that you will all agree that they are fabulous and without your support couldn’t have been created.

Thank you to all at Red Monkey for helping to make this happen.