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Rolling Rolling Rolling

The annual Easter Egg Rolling Championship was a close affair this year – it needed a ‘roll-off’ to decide the eventual winning house!

Now a mainstay of Easter celebrations in school, everyone gets to take part in this inter-house competition of skill, nerves, and a little wibbly-wobbly luck.


After all the rolls were completed, the points were added up and Howden came in third with 48 points, but Ladybower and Derwent were tied with 55.  So it came down to a tense final roll, and it turned out to be a close one with Ladybower pipping Derwent in the last metre to the chocolatey spoils of victory.

Well done Ladybower….the pressure is on for Sports Day now to continue to roll…..

Egg Rolling-2.jpg


Congratulations to this week’s winners

Stars of the week


For trying really hard with their writing and showcasing amazing DJ Skills. Well done!

Writer of the week 


For his funny character description of a Tudor monarch named Bob, who liked sliding down rubbish shoots onto mattresses!

Right choice winners 


For helping out with mini-leaders and being courteous in the classroom.

House points winners


Well done to Ladybower – winners for a third week in a row!



A massive congratulations to the climbing team, who qualified for the finals with some very impressive climbs!



Well done to our fantastic gymnasts! A third place in the advanced vault in the gym competition…


And a Grade 9, 8 and 7 – Super!

This week’s winners

A lot of great reasons to celebrate in school this week with some fantastic achivements.

Stars of the Week


for superb maths, improvements in writing and organising/improving the school.

Writer of the Week


For a great news report.

Right Choice Rewards


There has been some sporting success out of school too, with some very impressive cups for coming first in running and doing well in a tennis tournament.

and finally, well done to all in Derwent who narrowly won the house point trophy, and they were crowned champions as you can see:


Water way to have a good time

You have to take advantage of the good weather in Derbyshire and, although much later than scheduled due to rain last summer term, this afternoon saw a deluge of a different sort.

As if we needed proof that Mrs Hill is an ace headteacher (which we don’t), she rewarded the children for all of their recent hard work in all classes with a huge water fight.  The squealing, laughing and shouting was proof enough that it was a treat well received, and there were not many who came away dry in any way!

Here’s hoping for a hot end to the summer, I think there is some revenge that needs exacting 🙂

The Week’s Winners

Apologies for a delay in posting.

Here are the winners from the 20th April.

Stars of the Week


Writer of the Week


Right Choice Rewards


House Point Champs


This week’s winners

I think we had nearly half the school up in assembly this morning – what a wide range of fabulous achievements!

Stars of the Week

Writer(s) of the Week

Right Choice Rewards

Outside of school there have been sporting and learning achievements:

Nature Discovery Award


Dovedale Dash

Athletic Stars

Superstar Footballer

Glinn came in and handed the Y6 their Bike-ability certificates and badges:

Finally – well done to all of the Howden’ers out there who beat Derwent by just 1 point!!!!

This Week’s Winners

There was a wonderful array of reasons for rewards and celebrations this week in assembly, the children are showing us yet again how well they try, achieve and enjoy themselves in all sorts of things in and out of school.

Stars of the Week

Writer of the Week

Right Choice Rewards

An amazing swimming gala champ

Hill Climbers Extraordinaire

and well done to all in Ladybower who narrowly pipped Derwent and Howden to be this week’s housepoint winners

This week’s winners

We had a fun assembly this afternoon as we celebrated the achievements and hard work that the children have been doing all week.

Stars of the Week

For excellent ideas and knowledge, doing really well in maths and picking up Makaton really quickly.

Writer of the Week

For a superb piece of writing about a monster (it sounded terrifying!)

Right Choice Rewards

Swimming Certificates

He did the front crawl for this photo to show how well he has progressed – a great sport!


Well done to everyone in Howden again, however it was very close yet again showing how every housepoint counts.

Congratulations to this week’s winners

Stars of the Week:

For great writing, attitude to all work in school and Y6 for surviving (by working so well on) the SATs.

Writer of the Week

For superb persuasive writing.

Right Choice Rewards

Class 1 Star Spellers

An amazing group of runners

They all took part in a 3k run at Chatsworth raising money for St Helen’s Trust and the Thomas Theyer Foundation.

Also a huge well done to Ladybower, particularly in class 1, for collecting the most housepoints and winning the cup two weeks running.


And The Winners Are……

The results of the Egg Competition were announced after the egg hunt and egg roll competition this afternoon, and it was a very close run thing with one result decided by just one vote!

You can see all the entries here.

Family and Friends

Class 1

Class 2

Huge apologies to Morrigan who won in class 2 as the photo is not on my memory card – not sure what happened.  Here is her amazing creation:

Class 3

The afternoon’s egg hunt was great (especially as the sun came out), and every single child found the tokens needed to max out on mini-eggs 🙂

Despite the fact that some tokens could be seen, but not reached:

However, it seems the magic of the Golden Ticket has swung back in the favour of the hiders again, as no-one managed to repeat Ruby’s legendary find from last year.  So it went to a head-to-head between Mrs Hill and Mrs Slack with call-outs of Hot/Cold as to who was closest.  A mad scramble at the end brought some joy at least:

Overall, it has been a wonderful end to a long term filled with great memories and lots of hard work in all classes.  Claire rewarded us all for this it seemed with her Easter cakes – they were delicious:

Have a relaxing break and we shall see you all in a few weeks.