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Rolling, rolling, rolling

I think Mrs Hill has established a new tradition for the school today with a simply awesome bit of Easter fun.

Today saw the inaugural Egg Roll Competition, with the three houses pitted against each other in a game of skill, luck and blowing power.  There were clear winners, gravity-defying uphill rollers and the odd stuck egg as representatives from each house faced each other in a series of ovoidal races from the top of the playground to the bottom.  Points were awarded for each round with the house with the most overall taking the first crown.

That honour (and a Creme Egg reward each) was taken by Ladybower:

Perhaps they should have been awarded an egg cup 😉

So much fun!

It was run by the Sports Crew, and they did an amazing job running, commentating and refereeing the competition from start to finish – superb work guys.

Eggsceedingly High Standards

(It’s safe to read on – I have done the obligatory egg pun in the title only)

The Easter Egg competition has proven to be a tough one to judge this year: the standard of creative skills is very high!  There are so many amazing entries, and we are so proud of all the effort put in that I am blogging them all even before the all the voting has been completed… watch this space for news of the winners.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Friends and Family

Comic Relief Awards

Some comic mischief at hand for this week’s award assembly I think….


Stars of the week for leading trips, good acting skills and working hard although they are feeling under the weather:

Writer of the Week for compiling two huge binders of paperwork:

For making right choices in entertaining pupils, making coffee for others and helping out during their lunchtimes:

The audience didn’t look too amused 🙂

Back to the serious awards then….

Well done to all in Howden who just pipped Ladybower to win this week’s house trophy:

There were some impressive certificates brought in from home too this week:

Swimming 40m

Achieving Stage 6 in swimming:

Competing in Athletics

Completing the Gold award for swimming:

Qualifying for the National Youth Fencing Finals by receiving Gold in the U12 Girls Sabre East Midlands region


We are so proud of all the sporting achievements that our pupils share with us: for a small school, we are so pleased to see such a large pool of talent.

Jesse has also let me know that we have raised £74 by selling red noses – a wonderful contribution to Comic Relief – thank you everyone.


Weekly Winners

A wonderful array of admirable reasons why people have received awards this week from improved details in writing, care taken to make accurate mathematical models, independent learning, keeping the school environment tidy and helping others to resolve issues.  They really demonstrate what supportive and hard-working pupils we have here, we are so proud of them.

Stars of the Week


Writer of the Week


Right-Choice Awards


Certificates from home


Great skiing girls!

Well done to Howden for leading the housepoint tally this week


This Week’s Winners

A lot of very nice reasons for the stars, writer and right-choice winners this week including persevering when work is hard, caring for the school environment and putting in lots of effort in and out of the classroom – well done all.

Stars of the Week


Writer of the Week


Right-Choice Rewards


Medal for a 400m Swimming Race


Housepoint Champions: Ladybower


Well done to all in Ladybower – pipped the other houses by 1 point!!!!

Weekly Winners

Some wonderful reasons for receiving awards this week, well done children.

Stars of the Week

For always being positive, being a great role model and for amazing maths work


Writer of the Week

For writing great questions about his alien (Bob the alien)


Right Choice Winners

For helping staff out and keeping school tidy and organised


There were some certificates from home for a swimmer who has started at Level 6!  Also for taking part in an athletics day at the EIS and coming 2nd in the 100m sprint – well done!


Also, well done to the class 3 basketball team for coming third in a recent tournament:


Finally, well done to all in Derwent who stormed the housepoint charts this week:


Weekly Winners

Some terrific efforts this week that earned the children the awards:

Stars of the Week

For great apostrophe work, attacking play in football and generally being incredibly helpful around school:


Writer of the Week

For an incredible diary of Macbeth


Right Choice Rewards


Certificates from Home

For making a Rainbow promise and for taking part in an Athletics Day at the EIS.


Finally, well done to all in Howden for collecting the most housepoints:



This Week’s Winner

Well done to the champs this week!

Stars of the Week


Writer of the Week


Right Choice Reward Winners


There were loads of things brought in from home today for gymnastics, dance, ice skating and reading – fantastic to see so much wonderful achievements.


Finally, congratulations to all in Howden who narrowly pipped Derwent to the house cup this week.


Congratulations to this Week’s Winners

Stars of the Week:


For trying very hard with his writing within Literacy; working extremely hard in maths and for having a fantastic approach to her maths – Excellent!

Writer of the Week:


For trying his hardest with his writing – Cool!

Right Choice Winners:


For helping to clean the tables; not running up the steps and helping to tidy away the PE equipment – Well done!

Certificates from Home


Ice-Skating – GOLD Award – Wow!

House Point Trophy Winners:


Congratulations to all the members of Howden who managed to get the most house points this week – it was very close.  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Howden will present the certificates in next week’s assembly.

* Many thanks to our official photographer – Heidi Cooper

Congratulations to our First Winner’s of the Year

Stars of the Week:


For a superb first week in school.


For being a great role model and having a mature attitude in class.


For really good work on homophones.

Writer of the Week:


For having the neatest Y5 handwriting ever!

Certificates from Home


Sharing with us a royal meeting!


Rugby and Football achievements over the summer.

House Point Trophy Winners:


Our new House Captain and Vice-Captains were announced today.  They will be in charge of looking after their team members and also will lead Celebration Assemblies when their house team wins.  Congratulations everyone!