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Want to Hangout?

With isolation from unnecessary social interactions a pivotal step in our behaviour at the moment, we want to ensure that there are ways that friends can safely stay in touch.


Google Hangouts is part of the Google Suite applications we have access to, and I have turned it on for members of class 3 to see if it a welcome method for communication.   I will discuss it in a little way down this post….

One aspect of my job that has been forefront in my mind over the last few days of planning, is that of cybersafety.  As there will be an increased reliance on technology, it is imperative that there is a continuation of keeping children safe.  As this is now almost entirely at home, there are some steps you can take to ensure this is maintained:

  • talk to your children about their use of technology: get to know the apps they use, why they use them and learn about the positive aspects of each (there are some great TikToks out there!)
  • discuss privacy settings and go through them together to see what are the most appropriate ones to turn and why
  • make sure that any video chats are done in a public room
  • if they do have access to text chatting, remind them about being kind.  We have the rule of, “if you wouldn’t say it in front of a grandparent, then don’t say it online,” as  a way of quickly self-determining if something is appropriate.

We have plenty of resources/links available in our E-safety section, could be an ideal time to go through them or seek out further guidance on such matters.  It can a very difficult part of the parent/child relationship to discuss, and maybe control access to, specific technologies, but when done together it can foster trust and responsibility.

Right then – Google Hangouts…

The app uses their school accounts to chat through the Google servers, and this has some benefits:

  • it is integrated into our existing infrastructure, so no additional sign-ups are needed
  • it is securely ringfenced, it can only be used to chat to other Grindleford children for who the service has been activated – NO EXTERNAL CHATS CAN OCCUR IN OR OUT
  • it is fully logged

It can be reached via any browser, in the same way the Classroom app can, using this URL:

And there are dedicated apps in the relevant app stores for iOS and Android if your children use such devices.

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 09.23.53.png

You can then enter the name of a friend to start a connection, or create groups of commonly-used friends to have a group chat.

It is ideal for discussing the associated work being set (I would say that!) or indeed probably a lot more for social time.

We did a class test of Hangout video chat on Friday, but I am hesitant to deploy such technology due to safety concerns at this moment in time: I see this text-based chat app as being an important factor in determining whether to turn that on in the future.

There are a myriad of ways in which children will be communicating during this period, this one offers a safe, secure and controlled option.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions over the app.

Didn’t they do well?

Last week we took 14 pupils along to the Fly DSA arena in Sheffield to take part in the Young Voices Concert involving a choir of some 5201 children from far and wide across the region. What an amazing experience we all had! The children were fabulous in their enthusiasm for both the preparatory rehearsals, starting at 2 o’clock, and the actual concert, that ended at 9 o’clock. There might even have been one or two sore throats the next day after all that effort. There was a conductor, David Lawrence, and we were treated to spectacular performances from Urban Strides and other artists including: Alfie Sheard, Natalie Williams and The M4gnets. We were buzzing throughout the whole day and hope all parents who came along to watch and support, enjoyed it as much as the children did. A huge well done to all for their effort. It was a super day all round.




Jumping (and running) for Joy

The members of Class 3 who represented the school yesterday at the Sports Hall Athletics cluster competition really did the school proud!  There were a range of track and field events with all competitors giving 100% – so much so that some came away with champion certificates 🙂

Well done superstars

Why are Pirates called Pirates?

….because they AARRGGHHHH!

(Mrs Hill’s favourite pirate joke)

Well, what a performance.  Classes 2 and 3 showed off their acting and singing skills this evening with the opening night of The Pirates of the Curry Bean.  They have been rehearsing hard over the last few weeks, and it has all paid off as they really entertained the audience, especially with the jokes.  So many standout performances, I wouldn’t want to name only a few – so I will instead say a huge well done to everyone involved.

I personally want to say thanks to Mrs Bacon for her help with the acting, props and scenery;  Miss Village for helping with acting, choreography and scenery; Mrs Flint for acting and choreography; Mrs Hill for painting the scenery; all the parents who have helped in sourcing costumes for the children; and Class 1 who have let us take over their room for the last week…  THANK YOU ALL.

Just one more performance tomorrow night!

Young Voices 2015 Music Tracks

For all the children who attend the Young Voices choir club and who are going to Sheffield in 2015, I have uploaded and share the vocal tracks.  You can get to them by clicking here and using your Google Apps username/passwords just like you do in school.

Any problem, come and see me

Mr Petts

Rounders Champions

Excuse the slight double post – but I am over the moon to say that the school rounders team won the local cluster competition this afternoon in the glorious sunshine at Hope Valley College.

More details here on the Class 3 blog.