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Sowing the Seed

It’s all been ’growing’ on in the school garden on Friday lunchtimes. Small groups of children are taking part in Gardening Club: they are learning at first hand how to sow seeds; prick and plant out seedlings and the importance of looking after the plants. We’re even hopeful that sometime soon we should be able to harvest some nice produce. Here are some photos of our very productive looking garden.

Bienvenue à la Mâtisserie

There was a little bit of art appreciation to star art club this evening with a look at The Snail by Henri Matisse.  We talked about possibilities of creating our own collages in his style, and you can see what a terrific array of ideas we came up with:

Great Grindleford Bakers

Cooking Club yesterday produced some beautiful blueberry muffins. It’s great to see the children growing in confidence with their following of the recipes as the weeks go by. Hope they enjoyed their tasty cakes. Mrs Hill certainly enjoyed the one she managed to find in the staffroom.

Bread Bakers

Last week’s Cooking Club produced some excellent soda bread baking. The children worked efficiently with their measuring and kneading; to mix, make and bake within our time constraints. It’s great to see the children so enthusiastic each week, well done to all for this week’s results:


A Helping Hand at the Station

“Now arriving at Platform One are some keen Gardeners from Grindleford Primary School.”

That’s exactly what the announcement might have sounded like, had there been one, on Friday morning when 8 pupils from school took part in a community gardening project (on the Platform) as part of the Friends of Grindleford Station. During the last few weeks, School Gardening Club members have sown, nurtured and grown flower seeds in preparation for us to donate to this exciting project. It means that when train passengers visit the station: either to catch or alight from a train or are just passing through Grindleford, they will be able to appreciate a glorious flower display, directly contributed to with the help of our school.

The children were extremely well behaved and got stuck in straight away with weeding, a skill they have learnt well and that any gardener knows is always a necessary job, before transplanting our donated flowers – Petunias, Antirrhinums and Cosmos. There was even time for a little train spotting with some very friendly passing passengers and train staff. Kay, Liz, Janet and John from the Station Project were on hand to help and keep us all safe too. The children took part in a mini quiz about the station and were awarded certificates for taking part, both of which had kindly been prepared by Kay on behalf of the Project.

It was a really enjoyable morning’s work and great to be involved in such a worthy activity in our village, we are extremely grateful to the Project for giving us the opportunity to get involved. If you’re passing that way in the next few weeks, see if you can spot our floral display on Platform 1.

Running in the Buff

A mixture of challenging running, great views and yummy treats for Running Club this week.  A huge thank you to Matt and Neil for putting a twist to proceedings – there was an egg hunt as a reward for the immense climb up to Jubilee Rock.  It was worth it though as we feasted on chocolate (essential for the running energy levels you understand!) and on the amazing views of the village and valley beyond.

The runners were also treated to some Buffs – THANK YOU  🙂

Gardening Drop In Club

As the weather is beginning to improve, we decided to make the most of it on Friday lunchtime and get busy with our gardening club. It is always lovely to see so many enthusiastic volunteers from across the school to help out in the school garden. All help is greatly appreciated. On Friday, the children planted lots of seeds including carrots, cress, nasturtiums, cucumbers, courgettes, peas and more. We shall be keeping a close eye on all of the children’s hard work to check for the seeds germinating in readiness for the next stage of our planting. We’re hoping to start an after school gardening club after the Easter break.

Chess Champion 2015

For the past few weeks of school time we have been running the Chess Competition during lunchtimes.  There have been seven grueling rounds of brain-stretching matches where many of the 22 entrants took on similarly-skilled opponents in tense battles of intelligence, stealth, tactics and, in one case, putting off your opponent by humming.

Well, I am really pleased to announce that the winner for 2015, and therefore taker of the official title of School Champion, is……..


Well done, and it’s the first time he’s entered, so an even more impressive feat!

Here are the notable finishers:

  • 1st: Morgan – 19 points
  • 2nd: Albie – 18 points
  • 3rd: Ayr and Dan – 17 points
  • 5th: Max and Brynn – 16 points


Chess Competition 2015


We are well underway with round 3 of the 2015 Chess Tournament and it looks like Leela and Jessica are the ones to beat at the moment.  They are the current leaders with a maximum nine points out of a possible nine.  The upshot of that is they will meet in the next round!


Keep looking for updates…

(Weekly) Hour of Code

There is a large worldwide initiative from the Computer Science Education Week at the moment to get all ages to experience computer programming; known as Hour of Code, numerous institutions are providing tools, workshops and training to help everyone gain some insight into what is needed to control systems and produce games and other useful software.

We have been teaching coding in dedicated sessions for about eight years now, and the skills of the children have always been superb as a result.  We have used:

  • control programming using motors, lights and buzzers with our CoCo control box and virtual systems
  • visual block programming with the Lego Mindstorms robots
  • visual block coding with Scratch

and in class 3 we are about to start programming in a new environment developed by M.I.T. to produce mobile apps for Android tablets/phones as part of a year-long project in computing.


As interest was high, I have been running coding club since the start of the academic year to a very eager group of programmers. I spent last half-term giving them mini-tasks on code fragments needed to accomplish tasks needed for commonly-featured game elements (scoring, resetting, direction control, event handling, etc) and have since given them an open project to produce their own game.  Although I am on standby as a debugger and problem solver, I have been amazed at how little help they have asked for!  Their work is coming along really well and demonstrate how much progress they have made in such a short space of time.


If you want an Hour of Code yourself, there are plenty of experts here to guide you 🙂