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We’ve got the power

We had an assembly about batteries this morning, and am hoping that you can all help us make a difference.

It is recognised that batteries are incredibly useful things, but they are also contributing to issues involving landfill leachate and pollution. Some shock statistics gave us an idea of how just the UK is having an impact:

  • 600 million batteries are thrown away each year – 22,000 tonnes
  • Only 1/3 of the UK’s batteries are recycled
  • Heavy metals and acids leak out into the environment

The government has set a target of 45% of batteries to enter recycling programs, but we thought we could achieve 100% for our school. We are sending each family a battery collecting box that we hope you can fill with any spent batteries. Once full, it can be returned to school where we can total up how much we are preventing from entering landfill.

A lot of the children were very aware of the problem, and they also suggested buying rechargeable batteries to reduce the volume of waste and lengthen their time in use before they require recycling – a superb recommendation. I know a certain Swedish furniture store offers a very low-cost range, including chargers, that make it an affordable choice.

Thank you 🙂

Feed Me Crisps! (well, the empty packets)

IMG_20190911_1049352Not that crisps are a recommended snack, but as part of a healthy lifestyle they are indeed a tasty treat (and my weakness I must admit!), and we are hoping that if you do indulge you can help us out with what it left over.

Crisp packets are not easy to recycle, but Mrs Heason has told us about a great scheme that not only aims to recycle them, but also raise money for part of Sheffield Children’s Hospital too.  Fantastic!

We have put a rather hungry green Dalek at the bottom of Class 3’s steps, and if you could save up all of your packets and put them in there rather than throw them away, we will ensure they contribute to the cause.

The only stipulation is that the packets must have the silvery lining inside, so they can be popcorn and other crisp-related snackables too.

Thank you


Enjoying the Fruits of Labour

The school wants to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who came into school last Saturday to contribute to our Community Gardening Day.

It was great to see so many parents, children and members of the local community give up their time to improve the green areas of school, and it has made a huge impact already. The pond area particularly has had a wonderful facelift, and it has been a joy to spend lunchtimes in there spotting frogs and identifying plants.

The new bug hotel has an influx of new residents, and the mud kitchen is producing mud cakes galore.

Thank you to Mrs Campbell for publicising the event and to the amazing helpers who worked incredibly hard in the sun and rain to make a huge difference.

Gardening Drop In Club

As the weather is beginning to improve, we decided to make the most of it on Friday lunchtime and get busy with our gardening club. It is always lovely to see so many enthusiastic volunteers from across the school to help out in the school garden. All help is greatly appreciated. On Friday, the children planted lots of seeds including carrots, cress, nasturtiums, cucumbers, courgettes, peas and more. We shall be keeping a close eye on all of the children’s hard work to check for the seeds germinating in readiness for the next stage of our planting. We’re hoping to start an after school gardening club after the Easter break.

Time for a Spot of Bird Watching

As part of the Big Schools’ Birdwatch, members of the ECO committee, spent an hour yesterday morning observing and recording the bird activity in the school grounds. It is part of the world’s biggest wildlife survey and the results are entered online into the RSPB website. Here are some pictures of the children in action, and of them enjoying a  warming drink, which was well deserved after all their hard work:

eco-committee-bird-watch-4-small eco-committee-bird-watch-5-small eco-committee-bird-watch-2-small eco-committee-bird-watch-1-small

School Carnival: Thank you!

This time last week we were overjoyed to see so many of you turn out to our School Carnival, raising money for our Solar Schools project.  The weather was very kind to us (but not to the chocolate stall!) and was perfect for an afternoon of games, cake, fun, cake, music,cake, face painting, hot food and a little cake.

It was terrific to have so many organisations from the village have their stalls out, getting the children more aware of what is in their supportive community and being able to meet people they might not otherwise see.  The atmosphere was a delight to be a part of, and you all did a wonderful job of helping to raise [drum roll and fanfare]….


So a huge thank you, it has really kickstarted the fundraising off to a flying start.  Remember, it is ice cream Friday tomorrow too, with all profits helping to boost that number further.

If you didn’t get a chance to contribute and want to, you can here at our personal solar school page.

Here are a few shots that captured a lot of the fun and people who made it happen: