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It might snow, but it did reindeer


Some of Santa’s helpers brought joy and wonder to the school today – Cupid and Comet took time out from their intensive training to see the children and give them a little of their Christmas magic.  It was such a lovely visit, and all ages were totally spellbound with them.

Thank you Santa’s helpers!!!!  We hope the enthusiastic reaction haven’t disturbed them too much before their big day in a few weeks….


Our NSPCC Buddies

It was great to see our friends from the NSPCC in school again today; they came to deliver some very important messages about staying safe and knowing who to turn to if they are ever worried.


All classes recieved age-appropriate presentations, this included an amazing animation for KS2!

There was clear themes that every child has the right to a happy childhood, and we discussed lots of trusted adults who are there to listen if they ever need an ear to share their worries.

The children interacted really well, and they had lots of great suggestions.

If you want to know more about any aspect of helping to keep children safe, visit the NSPCC website as they maintain very up-to-date information, including some great pages on e-safety.

Bee Awesome this Summer

There was a real buzz at assembly time this morning, as the theme was bees.

L and A from Class 2 started off by giving us a wonderfully detailed presentation on the plight of bee species, and what are the main problems they face as their numbers are dwindling.


Diane from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust then told us some things we can do in other to help these essential pollinators.


She also provided every child in school with an amazing bee-themed kit of activities, games and scientific things to do.  It also included a packet of seeds that will produce some very nectar-rich flowers.


Mrs Hill then presented us with the grand total number of knitted bees that many extended members of the school family have been busy producing over the last few months – a HUGE thank you to everyone who has produced one of these little wonders.   You have been super worker bees.

The total donated to the Wildlife Trust to sell was…….


We hope you can help bees in mind this summer when you are out in the garden and do something to help them out….I know that Reception have already started making some gorgeous creations for their bit.

If you see a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust shop in the coming weeks, pop in and see what else you can discover.

Up the Owls!

Can’t believe I just typed that in the title!!  😉

We have enjoyed a thoroughly fascinating owl day at school where we had the chance to get up close and personal with a couple of these amazing birds.

The close encounters came in the form of two barn owls named Dotty and Barny, and they were very well-behaved with the children from each class.  They allowed them to stroke their tummy feathers and stood very well on their hands, and many took the opportunity to hold them.

The following session was a truly fabulous science-based exploration of their diets in which they all got to investigate their, er, pellets.  It was very hands-on, as you can see from the pictures, and the findings were incredible; many were so amazed at the tiny skulls contained within them.

There were some follow-up activities in the afternoon too – I am blown away by the quality of the artwork on show here.

Our Model Village


Classes 1 and 2 took part in a workshop led by guest artist Mrs McFarlane.  She demonstrated how to start off a portrait and talked them through how to work out the proportions of the face, draw the main features and assess the lighting so shading could be added for realism.

It was really interesting, useful, great fun, and I really enjoyed adding ‘male model’ onto my CV 😉

As for the results….we were very impressed with how the children captured us, and there are clearly some budding artists at school (although I think some did also capture our poor traits too)

Here is Miss Village:

And here is Mr Petts:

Rudolph’s Buddies

Dasher and Blitzen took time off their training for a snack in the playground at break time this morning.  You could tell they were focussed on their upcoming night of haulage as they were really tucking away the hay.

Thank you to the magical handlers who brought them from Lapland.

Sport Becky


We had a visitor in school today: Becky Lyne.  Becky gave the school an inspirational assembly this morning concerning her sporting achievements.  From tearful cross-country runs in her early primary years, she ended up in 2nd place as a Y6 that spurred her on to chose running as a focus sport as she grew older.  This led her to win a bronze medal at the 2006 European Athletic Championships in the 800m.  It is wonderful for the children to hear about how hard work and passion can reap such rewards.

She then spent time with each class, providing a range of sports including netball, hockey, football and athletics.

Great messages, great activities and great fun all round – thanks Becky


Swishing, Whishing and Krishna

We had Shantha Rao visit school today, and she told stories and led dances with the children of each class.  After an assembly to the whole school, she spent time with class 1.  I was particularly miffed to have missed this, as I heard there was even a ‘staff dance’ presented to everyone.

After lunch, it was the turn of classes 2 and 3 and it started with a very energetic stick dance.  Following an introduction, Shantha allowed the children to explore their own ideas and we were treated to some excellent routines.  There was even time for some interactive storytelling of Krishna where the cheeky prankster stole butter and yoghurt from his mother and her friend – I did enjoy that one 🙂

The children were so engaged throughout the day, and we were all very impressed with the dances they came up with.

Shantha also told us of a Diwali celebration some of you may be interested in, here are the details (click for a larger view):


It’s raining deer, hallelujah

What a treat for the school today – a timeout from their Christmas preparations for a couple of Santa’s reindeer for them to come and meet all the children before their big night out.

Mrs Cooper had a great deal of insider knowledge and answered all of the questions put her way as a little bit of Christmas magic brought seasonal cheer to us all this afternoon.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Claus and the reindeer keeper 🙂


Engaging Cultural Learning

blackhorse-062The whole school welcomed some guests this afternoon who shared with us a wealth of information about Native North American culture.  From school life to hunting, crafting and wooing – we heard it all today! Incredibly fascinating from start to finish, it was the sort of talk that had you craving for more as we heard about their family experiences and the methods of learning compared to ours.  I bet you have all been told something about their lifestyles tonight, hopefully shown a dance or two as well as everyone had a go.