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What’s that coming over the hill?


Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers from the PTA who put on an amazing spooky walk – the woods looked spooky-tastic and the creepy dwellers in the trees were extra scary this year.

Spooky Walk 2019 (25)

The children had a mixture of excitement and trepidation as they strolled through the graveyard, past the spiders and into the witch’s lair to see what they could find.

Spooky Walk 2019 (21)

I think most of them made it back for hotdogs and dancing at the disco…….

Too Spooky for School

What an amazing effort by the PTA and helpers in putting on an incredible spooky walk and disco this evening.  I was rather scared myself as I followed the train of werewolves, ghosts, witches, vampires and other terrifying beasts as there were huge spiders, ominous signs and some very creepy characters leaping out of bushes and trees.

Also a huge thank you to Maddy and Millie for creating and delivering the story to accompany the hunt for the witch.  All of the ‘creatures’ seemed less scared of the witch once her chocolate hoard made an appearance, and it turned into a party atmosphere with some fantastic lights and sounds.  The journey back for hot dogs, sweets and dancing was a welcome downhill stroll back to school where the fun continued.

Take a look at our gallery of ghouls:

Creepy Monsters!

The Spooky Walk and Disco is such a great annual event at school – an enormous effort from the PTA, staff, parents and their ghostly children makes it such a fun evening.

Saying that – the witches were a lot more frightening than usual and I nearly ran off when I saw this one coming!


However, the little monsters children all came back to school smiling after their search for witches and sweets in the woods and enjoyed the dancing and hot dogs.

The costumes were fabulous (apart from Orly’s – that was just terrifying and will be giving me nightmares until the next Spooky Walk!) so thank you so much for making this event so great with all your contributions.


I love photographing these things – and it’s touching to see the enjoyment and engagement last over the years:




Spooky Walk and Disco: The Movie

Sorry if I hassled you with my camera, I was playing with a geeky toy so I could record this:

Spooky Walk and Disco

How awesome are our PTA?

Scarily so I reckon.  We are so grateful for the work gone into making this evening’s Spooky Walk simply amazing.  The fear factor of the wood-dwellers was high, and the witches at the start and end of the walk were more than spellbinding.  The children had a terrific time, and I think all the parents did too.

Following the walk it was back to school for dancing, sweets and hot dogs.  Shapes were thrown, the dance floor was hot and there were moves galore in the hall as Reception up to Y6 worked off that witch’s chocolate.

Thank you again to the PTA, and the parents who helped out dressing their little ghouls and monsters – a very impressive range of beasts as you can see:

Spooky Walk and Disco

A huge thank you to Mrs Fletcher and all the members of the PTA who put their time and effort into making a superb evening of the Spooky Walk and Disco.

The turn out of all the little ghouls and boys was terrific to see – so many costumes and such scary make up!!  The walk to find that chocolate-stealing witch was a gruelling one, but it was nice to see her change her ways when we got there and share it out to all.  However, there were some very nasty-looking monsters that we encountered on the way that nearly put us of….. well me anyway, the kids were full of bravado.

It was then back to school for the disco, and it was superbly decorated thanks to Mr Guinness for all of his items and work in putting them up; it really set the scene for an evening of creepy tunes and even creepier dancing.

spookydisco-039We were even blessed with a well-timed visitor in the stairwell coming into the disco, our very own bat!!!  I am not convinced it was of the vampire variety though, and I think it wanted to come in for hot dogs too as I had a hard time convincing it to leave.  It did pose for a photo though whilst it was hanging out.

You can tell how good the whole evening was – look at the smiles on some of these scary faces:

School Cookbooks are here!


As some will know, the school cookbooks have come from the printers!  Those who had ordered already will have hopefully received their copies today.   For everyone else:  BE QUICK…… there were only 200 printed and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Christmas is coming, so grab a special gift for someone that also helps to celebrate and support the school.  More information (including a downloadable order form) can be found here.

Spooky Walk and Disco

Congratulations to our superb PTA for arranging yet another brilliant Spooky Walk and Disco.  As you can see from the pictures below, the children and staff had a brilliant time and great fun was had by all.  The children’s behaviour was outstanding – they are a credit to you – making the night very enjoyable.  Marcus, the disco man, made a special point of saying how much he had enjoyed the night and the interaction he had with the children.  A special thank you must go to Mrs Fletcher for taking up the reigns of Spooky Walk so excellently and a huge thank you to all the other parents who helped with shopping, disco organising and jumping out in the woods!

After-school picnic

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the PTA picnic this afternoon after school, it was great to see the wonderful grounds being enjoyed by so many families.  Although a little delayed, we celebrated the official opening of our climbing wall by Ben Heason and the members of climbing club, followed by the ribbon cutting on the pond learning area by Mr Platts.  Thank you to you both for performing the roles of honour for us.

The pond dipping was very popular after the opening, and we weren’t kidding when we said there were numerous tadpoles!  Many of the children were fascinated by the various stages of development seen in the ones they caught from emerging little-legs all the way to mini froglets.  As the changes in the curriculum start to come into play, we are going to enjoy using these resources to enhance the learning for all age groups.

Gallop T-Shirt Competition Results

Thank you to all the children who submitted entries for this year’s Gallop T-shirt competition. The PTA whittled the entries down to a final seven and these were voted on by the pupils, staff and parents today. We are pleased to announce that Ruby from Y2 won (at a huge 45% of the 86 votes cast) with this tremendous design:

Ruby Y5

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