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EIS 2019

There were sporting superstars aplenty today as we took all of KS2 to the EIS in Sheffield for the Hope Valley Cluster Sports Day 2019.

It was a chance to go up against the other local schools in a variety of competitive and fun events using a range of skills to both practise and perform with.  They ran, they jumped, they threw, they balanced and they got sand in their shoes.

First of all – a hall of champions for you to congratulate with some incredible individual and team achievements:

Also, here is a (large) gallery of some of the action from today:

Rolling Rolling Rolling

The annual Easter Egg Rolling Championship was a close affair this year – it needed a ‘roll-off’ to decide the eventual winning house!

Now a mainstay of Easter celebrations in school, everyone gets to take part in this inter-house competition of skill, nerves, and a little wibbly-wobbly luck.


After all the rolls were completed, the points were added up and Howden came in third with 48 points, but Ladybower and Derwent were tied with 55.  So it came down to a tense final roll, and it turned out to be a close one with Ladybower pipping Derwent in the last metre to the chocolatey spoils of victory.

Well done Ladybower….the pressure is on for Sports Day now to continue to roll…..

Egg Rolling-2.jpg


They Flashed It!

We took a team of very determined climbers to the Greater Sheffield Primary School Bouldering Championship Final this morning at the Mini-Works – and what a morning it turned out to be!

Game faces on…….


We were expecting a similar set-up to the qualifying session, but saw straight away that there was a completely different set of challenges.  There were five other schools climbing at the same time, so it was a charged atmosphere too.  However, each team member did their best, pusing their minds and bodies to their limits with the constant aim of reaching that next hold.

The ‘doughnut’ looked the hardest to me, but the children loved that one.

The viewing parents and I were so pleased and proud when the results were read out.

In the individuals’ rankings we had a 2nd and a 1st!


In the biggie – the overall team winners – Grindleford took home the title!!!!!!!!!  😀


HUGE congratulations for effort, determination and teamwork to each and every one of you.  The gold medals were well-earned (and incredibly awesome!)


Indoor Athletics KS2

This is one of my favourite sporting events on the HVC cluster calendar each year, and this year lived up to expectations.

indoor athletics 2019-058

We take a small team and compete against other schools to see if we can qualify for the next round.  Although the relays are performed in front of everyone, the field events are done in a more relaxed style and it allows all the children to focus.  It was a superb effort from all, and we came away with some first places too – whoop whoop:

indoor athletics 2019-059  indoor athletics 2019-061

We would have held our heads higher if Mrs Cook hadn’t called for a teacher race!  I think Mr Hurford from Bradwell finished before I got to the first wall….. 🙂


Great Galloping Gazelles

Grindleford took a large, strong group of runners to the cluster Cross Country event held at Hope Valley College on Friday, and they ran their socks off!

There were six races in all: boys and girls races for each class.  The teams were ready and excited:

The top four finishers in each race had their finishing places added together, with a combined lowest score being the desired aim.  I am proud to inform you that they came 2nd in the Infants category and also 2nd in the Y3/Y4 category – fantastic results!!!!

We even had a winner in one of the races too with an incredible lead as she went over the line:


Well done to each and every runner, and to the parents who came and supported them, it was very much appreciated.

E.I.S. (Everyone Is Sportytastic) 2018

More heat, more sports, more achievements, more fun… has been a great day!

Classes 2 and 3 travelled to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield today to take part in the cluster KS2 sports day arranged by the awesome Mrs Cook from HVC.

The day started with some sprint races and qualifiers for the 200m and we came away with a some placings:

Hope the athletes weren’t too worried about the lap counter during one of the races!

EIS2018am (31)

After lunch, everyone took to a range of athletic challenges that included the shot, javelin, SAQ, high jump and some hilarious aim games:

I did laugh when the class were set press-ups in the aim game, except for the winner who earnt a pass 🙂


It was then onto the finals of the 200m, the long 800m races and we finished with the 4×100 sprint relays.  Look at those lovely certificates, with an extra-special well done to our 800m champion who ran a faultless, but incredibly competitive race.

Thank you Mrs Cook and your team of Sports Leaders (even the shy one hiding in the photo) – a highlight of our year as always.


Gala Starlets

Friday saw the first swimming gala that Grindleford have attended, and it was an incredible success!swimming-1

We took a team of keen swimmers from classes 2 and 3 to compete in a series of individual races, relays and some fun events.

Out of the ten scoring events, we took first place in five of them that contributed hugely to our overall standing.  The team finished in 2nd place, just a mere 3 points behind the winners.

Huge congratulations to all who took part.

We also got a giggle when the water polo hats came out for a sun session at the end:


E.I.S. (Everyone is Sport-tastic)

Classes 2 and 3 took a trip to the English Institute of Sport today as part of the Hope Valley Cluster Indoor Athletics Meet arranged by Mrs Cook and run by their excellent Y11 sports leaders.

Do take the time to look through all the photos, I know there are a lot, but I wanted to capture as much of the children as possible doing as many of the sports as I could.

It all started off with the 60m sprints and qualifiers for the 200m run:

Congratulations to those who were placed in the final:

Then everyone took part in a range of field events: high jump, long jump, javelin, shot and SAQ activities.  IT gave a chance for them all to try their hand at some new events and for many to show off their talents.

The afternoon was capped off with the finals of the 200m, the 800m and the 4x100m relay.  A terrific display of speed:

Well done everyone – you really showed what an athletic bunch you are.  The EIS is a terrific day out, and fortunately a mainstay in the school calendar.  Thank you again Mrs Cook 🙂

Tag Rugby Champions

We have a very nice sporting achievement to share today: one of the class 3 teams were victorious in the tag rugby tournament this afternoon in Hope; they were playing against Hope, Castleton and Bamford, eventually raising the trophy after five very tough games.

It was a great afternoon out, and all played well showing how well they have progressed under Rick’s coaching.  More information and some action shots can be seen over on the class 3 blog.

Running in the Buff

A mixture of challenging running, great views and yummy treats for Running Club this week.  A huge thank you to Matt and Neil for putting a twist to proceedings – there was an egg hunt as a reward for the immense climb up to Jubilee Rock.  It was worth it though as we feasted on chocolate (essential for the running energy levels you understand!) and on the amazing views of the village and valley beyond.

The runners were also treated to some Buffs – THANK YOU  🙂