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Puddings and Thanks

christmaspuds2016-23A huge thank you to The Maynard and to Holdsworths (who are amazing in donating all the ingredients!) for making what has kickstarted the build up to Christmas for the children possible today.

christmaspuds2016-22Chef Mark guided us all through the process and was great as ever with them as they mixed, dripped, cracked, poured, dunked, shook, and maybe just maybe, spilt a little of, the ingredients needed to make the sumptuous puddings that you will all receive just before we break up.

The children were brilliantly behaved and enjoyed it immensely – a large part of this is the wonderful lunch that Mark and his team make and serve to us (certainly a massive hit with the staff too).

We cannot say thank you enough…..




We totally scienced it

A subject close to my heart: science.  What a wealth of it to explore today at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum on our whole school trip.

science museum-034

There was some free exploring, some hands-on experimenting and class workshops to get into some aspects in more depth.  Class 3 had a blast in their explosion-focussed activity where they looked at various aspects of fire to investigate the perpetrator of a pyrotechnic crime (I’ll let them tell you how it was done!)

science museum-144

Class 1 had a talk on how steam trains are powered whilst class 2 had an amazing demonstration of tricks using light.  There were headless children, a ghost Theo and much more.

Today we flew

I love going to the EIS – it has become a mainstay in the school calendar thanks to Mrs Cook from HVC, and it brings such excitement year on year.  Today was no exception, and Y3 through to Y6 did us proud with amazing effort, achievement and enjoyment in the athletic competitions they all took part in.

The 60m sprints per year group was the first event, and we were blown away by the Grindleforders who took 1st place in four of the eight races!  Amazing running.


We even got interviewed on Radio One’s Newsbeat!


Overall, we did brilliantly and the final relay races saw us place second in every year group – well done all.

I have gone a bit overboard on the photo posting here, but I am still on a high from their efforts and want to share as much as I can:

Thank you Mrs Cook – you and your Sports Leaders rock!


Tall Tales

It is always fortunate to get involved in something amazing and new, and thanks to Sophie Hunter we took part in a filled day of storytelling activities at a school day of the Tall Tales Story Festival held at Thornbridge Hall.  After being greeting by a team of foxes, first up for Years 3, 4 and 5 was a treat of the incredibly engaging Babbling Vagabonds: they brought stories to life and even improvised one with ideas from the children (it even featured a hedgehog called Trevor!).  They captured the attention of everyone and had us all in stitches.

Then it was off to have tales read by Caryl Hart, and she also brought an improvised story to life with elements chosen by the children.  After lunch we all made masks before sharing our work with the other schools there, seeing the amazing Julia McInally who had worked with the others to make a story come to life by setting it to music.

Along with dressing up, poetry Duplo, sketching huts, doodling tables and loads more, it proved to be an inspiring trip, and I know a few of the children returned on the day after to do it all again.

Here’s hoping it turns into a regular thing.

You Maya want to follow…

Some of you may know that I will be spending Easter Break in Guatemala with some other teachers and students as part of a field trip studying the Maya past and present.  I told the children that I would try to blog the trip as I go (wi-fi permitting) and so here is the address if you want to take a peek: 


Firstly – a HUGE thank you to the staff at The Maynard for providing us with another terrific Christmas pudding day.  From the mixing itself to the amazing lunch, activities and time on their behalf, we are grateful for everything they did for the children on Thursday, they loved every minute of it.

Without their generosity the school wouldn’t have what is an enjoyable annual treat.  The mixture smelled wonderful as it was being turned over by all members of the cooking groups, the aromas of Christmas bringing smiles to all.  There was a first for me, as the group I was with didn’t get a single piece of egg shell into the bowl (I’ve been waiting 9 years!).  Looks like not everyone was as skillful with the egg cracking:

christmas puddings-083

There was a Christmas quiz in which Ladybower did exceptionally well, tons of housepoints won there.  Festive lids were also designed so that every child will be bringing home a personalised pudding towards the end of term – an ideal treat for after Christmas Lunch or a gift for someone in the family who adores them.

Animal Magic

A zoo trip!!! Is there a better way to end the academic year?

A big thank you to the PTA for paying for the entire school to enjoy a day of animal spotting with many amazing creatures on show.  Yes they were noisy, smelly, scruffy and needed a lot of feeding, but we took them nonetheless 😀

We split them into mixed-aged groups, and using their best map skills, they navigated us over the whole park with many tired feet at the end (my group managed 5.5 miles!).  It was well worth it though, with different highlights from everyone.  It was the weaver birds that amazed me, I could have watched them making their hanging nests for hours.  I didn’t have that luxury though otherwise we’d have missed the bats, meerkats, rhinos, elephants, chimpanzees, orangutans, lions, … the list goes on and on!!  We still didn’t get to see everything, but here are some of the animals we did manage to get round to:

Sporting Greats

The annual trip to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield is a welcome treat each year, and this year continued in the tradition of competitive fun.  There were sprints, relays and long distance races as well as a range of field events for all to try out under the guidance of Mrs Cook’s superb students from Hope Valley College.  Some of our sport stars shone brightly too with a couple of first places, what must have been a record-breaking javelin throw by Jesse that went further than the measuring tape and a great display of relay teamwork.

Well done all – you did Grindleford proud yet again.  If she wasn’t training at the same time, I know Jessica Ennis-Hill would have been just as impressed.


Here are some photos to give you an idea of what a fantastic day it is – thank you Mrs Cook!




Young Voices 2015

What a long, but thoroughly enjoyable day.  The children sounded great, danced well and really loved being part of the choir this evening.  Thanks to all the parents who came to see them perform.  Here are a few shots to remind you of how amazing the evening was (especially Urban Strides!!!!)

Mountain Biking

Today Year 5 and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at Hope Valley College having a go at mountain biking.  We will be going every Wednesday afternoon until Christmas so should learn some really cool moves.  We will be sharing our sessions with Castleton School which is really good as we get to make new friends as well (even though some of us knew each other already!).

Dean Hughes, a Go-Ride coach from British Cycling, gave all the children helmets and mountain bikes and showed them how to adjust the settings so they were all totally safe.  Then we were off cycling.

Unfortunately, the heavens decided to open and we got caught in a massive downpour!  But we didn’t stop cycling – Oh no….none of this sheltering from the rain lark for us!  Luckily the sun came out again and we were rewarded with the most beautiful, bright double rainbow.  My photography skills did not do it justice – where is Mr Petts with his camera when you need him?!

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