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Home Grown

The success of the school garden continues. Today we harvested courgettes, lettuce, cucumber and chard. Then, straight from the garden, we prepared them and the children at After School Club had chance to enjoy tasting the produce.

Sowing the Seed

It’s all been ’growing’ on in the school garden on Friday lunchtimes. Small groups of children are taking part in Gardening Club: they are learning at first hand how to sow seeds; prick and plant out seedlings and the importance of looking after the plants. We’re even hopeful that sometime soon we should be able to harvest some nice produce. Here are some photos of our very productive looking garden.

Conversation starters for Mental Health

This week’s guide for parents from National Online Safety is a great one.  We are so good in this country about talking about physical health and asking how people are, but only just getting a little better about mental health.  It a subject we care greatly about as people, and not just as teachers, here at Grindleford, so am hoping this one can help in any way at some point.

To quote the NOS themselves:

This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is all about ‘finding your brave’, whether that be sharing worries, asking for help or just building confidence, self-esteem and looking after yourself. But talking about mental health doesn’t always come effortlessly and sometimes we need a helping hand.

Created by mental health and wellbeing expert, Anna Bateman, this guide aims to give parents a starting point to help encourage discussions around children’s mental health. Covering a range of points, the guide looks to give parents simple ways to help make children feel more comfortable in sharing their own worries and concerns and providing the support they may need. Click the image below to access your free guide now..