Have you heard? We’ve uncovered a villainous plot to cancel Christmas. Secret agents have infiltrated the Hope Valley with a stash of cash to bribe Santa. We need your help to stop them!

Help us track down the clues they’ve left around the streets of Grindleford. Break the code and save the day!

Bring your mates, your little sister and your granddad – everyone can help. £2 per person.

Click here for tickets

StreetRaid | Codebreaker is a fun, family-friendly street-based orienteering event where kids can build their map-reading skills and get immersed in a thrilling storyline too. You’ll be given a map, a list of checkpoints to find and clues to solve. Once you’ve got all the clues, come back to base and crack the code. Everyone who helps us foil the plot will get a [tasty] cut of the [foil-wrapped] stash!

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