Assessment, Achievement and Attainment

As the children move through the school their progress will be continually assessed using a variety of methods. Assessments help the teacher gauge whether the child is making progress and identifies the next steps in their learning. The most widely used assessments are known as continuous assessment. This takes place within the classroom and may include observations, oral questioning, marking of work, or more formal methods, such as tests. Teacher assessments in reading, writing and maths are completed three times a year, assessing pupils against  expectations from the National Curriculum.  Findings from these assessments are available to parents at any time during the school year, but particularly at the twice yearly parent consultation evenings. Baseline assessment is carried out for children in their first term in school. When the children leave the Foundation Stage, they will have been assessed against the National Early Learning Goals and given a Foundation Stage Profile score. In May of each year national assessment tasks (SATs) are completed in Years 2 and 6.

KS1 and KS2 Assessment Data 16/17

KS1 Reading
  • 33% Below Standard
  • 66% Expected Standard
KS1 Writing
  • 33% Below Standard
  • 66% Expected Standard
KS1 Maths
  • 11% Below Standard
  • 89% Expected Standard

KS2 Reading
  • 43% Below Standard
  • 57% Above Standard
KS2 Writing
  • 43% Below Standard
  • 28.5% Expected Standard
  • 28.5% Above Standard
KS2 Maths
  • 29% Below Standard
  • 71% Expected Standard
  • 14% Below Standard
  • 57% Expected Standard
  • 29% Above Standard

Where the number of eligible pupils is 6 or less, results are not published in order to ensure that the results for individual pupils remain confidential.

All of the published information in the government’s school performance tables for our school can be found here.


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