Class 3

Class 3 is located in the roof of the main school building.  Taught by Mr Petts, years 5 and 6 enjoy a range of learning with a focus on independence.    To get an up to date view of what we are up to, visit our blog.  We aim to post news on what we get up to, and you can register your email address to receive updates direct to your inbox either daily, weekly or as it happens!


Class 3Set homework relates to the specific topics studied during the week.  This approach aims to help reinforce key concepts and refine skills; in addition we sometimes ask the class to perform investigation work to encourage independent research.  Parental assistance is welcomed, as this often improves confidence and self-esteem until total independence is reached.  It is the aim of Class 3 to produce children who see homework as a complementary method of learning, especially in reference to the requirements that secondary schools have in this area.

Homework is given out to the class on a Friday and needs to be handed back in by the following Thursday.  It is mostly performed using Google Classroom, the children will be provided with logins and shown how to use it.

Timetable Info

The timetable often changes from term to term, taking into account the specific needs of the children, scheduling of support staff, extra-curricular opportunities and whole school considerations.  The latest timetable is displayed on the Class noticeboard.  For the Autumn term this is important in ensuring that children are prepared:

  • PE days will be confirmed
  • Music lessons will be confirmed
  • Homework is given out on a Friday
  • Homework is due in on a Thursday
  • Springboard homework is given out by the member of staff running the individual sessions (if on Springboard)


Our Forest School sessions will take place in Spring 3 and Summer 6.  Until then, if there is a planned session in the forest classroom then a text will be sent out requesting the appropriate clothes be brought in.


Due to the mixed-aged class, we follow a two-year cycle of teaching.  It is constantly under review and altered to suit the children, external factors, curriculum changes and other influences relevant to learning and enhancing opportunities.

Please see the latest Curriculum Policy under policies on the Governance page.



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