Our Approach to Reading

At Grindleford Primary School we understand that even before children begin their time with us, they have built up a range of communication skills. They can recognise signs and labels around them, share favourite stories with others and use their imagination in role play. These are just a few experiences which serve to provide a firm foundation for children learning to read. It gives them the understanding that print carries meaning.

Once your child starts school, it is these experiences that we build upon to support and guide them to become fluent readers that read a wide variety of text for meaning and pleasure.

In Reception they are taught Phonics on a daily basis using Letters and Sounds combined with Jolly Phonics to provide a stimulating and fun approach to learning. This leads to being able to break down (or segment) an unknown word by sounding out each letter and then ‘blending’ the sounds together. This is also the time when they will be given their first reading book, which follows the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. This scheme follows a synthetic approach to reading and introduces the children to interesting and fun characters. After this the children use a wide variety of texts from other publishers as we believe it is important that children read a variety of books using phonics and sight word based approaches, to gain the skills of a successful reader, equipped with different strategies to read

Letters and Sounds follows a synthetic approach to learning which means children are taught to ‘build up’ or ‘put together sounds’. Support for Spelling is a programme that allows children to learn the history of our words and provides them with a range of strategies to improve spelling.

Once they have segmenting and blending skills in place, and begin Key Stage One, your child will follow a ten phase programme of phonics where they are taught to their own individual needs three times per week. Work from Reception is built upon by following a combination of Letters and Sounds and Support for Spelling which takes them through the whole of their time at Grindleford Primary School.

Our approach to reading within the class is book-based, and as the children progress through the years we inspire them to read a wider variety of more challenging texts, interacting with them at a deeper level. They are also taught to focus more upon the higher order skills of comprehension, inference and deduction.

On a Friday the whole school takes part in a reading morning. This allows the older children to become ‘buddy readers’ with the younger children. They share texts and ask questions about what they have read. This also gives the children an opportunity to talk about their own favourite books and stories. During this morning, each class also delivers a guided reading session for all children. This allows the time to read for meaning and provide support where needed.

All children throughout the school are offered many opportunities to read from a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. They are taught to identify and use different features within these texts. Interactive displays, topic books, the use of Information Technology and cross-curricular activities all help to create an environment which permanently promotes reading.

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