With the introduction of a changed curriculum in September 2014, the government did away with the levelling method of assessment that many of you may be familiar with.

They are not providing a replacement system until September 2015, and there are on-going consultations concerning the precise details on how this will look. It will take form of an overall judgement in Reading, Writing and Maths for each of the key stages that will place your child into a category similar to the following:

  • Below National Standard
  • Working Towards National Standard
  • National Standard
  • Above National Standard
  • Mastery Standard

The decision will be made by either a compulsory test, teacher assessment, or a combination of the both. They will be giving the National Standard a median score of 100, with children ranked above and below this to a measured degree.

Until that is in place, we are using the statutory objectives given in the new curriculum, as they are organised into Year Group Expectations, as a means of assessing each pupil’s attainment and progress. This will allow to see if each child is inline with the specific learning objectives the government has deemed appropriate for their age, and track their progress by recording the number met as they match the learning encountered.

So you can understand the changes a little further, we have provided the expectations here, broken down into the three subjects and by year group (or in some cases, by a combination of years).




There are references to Appendices, and these can be read here:

The government’s National Curriculum Page was used as the main resource.