Use of Photographs

We follow guidelines that provide a balance between sharing and celebrating everything we do at Grindleford Primary School with respecting the need for privacy and the safeguarding of children and families.  For every child that joins the school, written permission is sought before any images are taken and/or used in any paper or online publications.  There are three tiers of permission, and parents/carers are able to specify exactly what they wish in this regard:

  • Use of images that may be used within lessons and related learning activities – under school’s control
  • Use of images for the school blogs and requests from newspapers – under school’s control
  • Inclusion in events where images taken are not under the direct control of the school’s staff – cluster sporting events, performances, etc.

When we do publish online, at no point will the name of children be given when accompanied by a photograph.  However, children’s first names may be used if their work is published, as there is no method of linking them to their image.

The permission form used can be requested from the office.


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