Grindleford Primary School is very proud of its uniform. It consists of black, grey or navy trousers or skirts plus a royal blue sweatshirt and a plain white or blue polo shirt underneath. Both our sweatshirt and our polo shirts carry the school logo. In summer the girls may wear blue checked or striped dresses.  Children should always wear suitable school footwear, preferably completely black.  In summer, sandals may be worn, but must be robust and supportive e.g. walking sandals, not Crocs, Flip-Flops etc.

All children require a PE kit consisting of plain black shorts, pale blue PE shirt, socks and plimsolls or trainers. In cold weather a tracksuit may be worn.  For swimming, the children require a swimming costume, towel and swimming cap.

The school has a range of clothing and equipment carrying our logo, including sweatshirts, fleeces (for outdoor wear), waterproof/fleece coats, t-shirts—polo and PE, woolly hats, book bags and PE bags.

Parents can order directly from our personalised page on the Gogna’s Schoolwear website. You can order precisely what you want and have it delivered to your home or to school.

All items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

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